I wanna collect unemployment...

Can I collect unemployment if I got canned for 2 counts of gross misconduct? I mean, that’s what Wal-Mart called it, but I’m not sure it really is. I just confronted and yelled at a coworker who pissed me off. A few days later, she still didn’t apologize and admit she’s wrong, so I punched and banged my head into the fitting room pole. Was I justly fired or was if for bs reasons? Just wanna know because me collecting unemployment depends on that.

Answer #1

I did not punch HER. I punched the POLE lol.

Answer #2

U have a better chance of being hired back at Walmart then winning the lottery, and you don’t have a chance in he** of rehire!! Lol You can be fired from your job and draw unemployment ONLY if your being fired was NOT DUE to GROSS MISCONDUCT. (Sound familiar). And your behavior was definitely that, violates all of the company’s rules as well as violates that other employees civil rights to be in a safe work environment.

You will be lucky if she doesn’t sue you!! (I know I would). And yes you do have anger management issues,glad you are seeing a counselor. But, be sure you hold yourself in accountability for your own actions, someone “pissing you off” does not allow you to “bang their head against a pole and punch her”. Some maturity needs to come as well while you learn ange mgmt skills.

Answer #3

“Idiot shoulda never pissed you off?” No, you should have maintained calm. YOU shouldn’t have lost your temper. YOU shouldn’t have flown off the handle like that. I know you’ve probably heard this a dozen times, but it is YOUR fault you were fired, and you need to get help. Your anger will eat away at you until there is nothing left; you will be a raging husk of a woman.

Answer #4

Stores like Wal-Mart will fight your unemployment claim tooth and nail.

The more people who collect unemployment the more they have to pay into the unemployment system.

Even if they fired you for bogus reasons the fact that they have built a case against you means that you will have trouble winning.

You do have a right to plead your case but your odds are pretty slim.

I was in this situation once and my former employer offered to pay me the rest of the money they owed me and a few weeks of severance if I’d drop my unemployment claim otherwise they said they would lie through their teeth about what a poor employee I was.

A few years later I phoned the proprietor to ask if he would have a problem if I put on resume that I was laid off instead of fired because this was the only job I was ever fired from and he admitted that I really was laid off but they just didn’t want to have to pay unemployment.

Answer #5

My question is I was just fired and they told me that it is was due to being argumentative towards coworkers and I worked there for 14 weeks and was promoted from a pt position to a ft position and during that time I was never written up or was told verbally that I was argumentative. Now they are trying to use this argumentative as wrongful misconduct. Can they do this and get away with it

Answer #6

You CAN collect if you are fired, but they will have to investigate the reason WHY you were fired in order for you to qualify. If you were fired for a silly reason, like having an argument with a coworker, then you probably will qualify. You may be penalized, however, for 5 weeks of no pay. If you were fired for a serious crime of gross misconduct then you may not qualify. The only time you get it faster is when you are layed off. When you are fired, they have to investigate first to find out exactly what happened and they will base whether or not you qualify on their findings.

Answer #7

The person who pissed you off was not an idiot - I said it last night and I’m going to say it again. You have Anger problems and you need to seek help now. You are never going to be productive in life and hold down a job with those kind of anger issues. You can find local Anger Management classes in your local phonebook or online. You need to attend them and get the reason behind your anger and learn how to control it.

Answer #8

I think it would be best if you attended an anger management program. Punching walls and losing your temper like that, as an adult, is not OK. You need professional help.

Answer #9

it was all your fault and now you have to pay for you actions, can’t blame someone else for what you choose to do or not to do.

Answer #10

guess I’ll play lotto then. I could only afford $1 ticket. some couple won $100,000 form a $10 ticket in MO. as for anger mgt class, I’ma see my counselor on the 17th. Maybe that woman knows of something lol.

Answer #11

Enroll in an Anger Management Program then go back to Walmart, apologize, and explain to them that you have enrolled in an Anger Management Program and ask them to give you a second chance. All they can do is say “No”, so it’s worth the effort.

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Answer #12

You were justly fired for misconduct, and because of this, you most likely will not be able to collect unemployment. Unemployment is for people who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, and is only there to help them get by until they can find a new job. Unemployment money is pretty bad, anyway; you’ll make more by finding a new job.

Answer #13

You were justly fired, so no you won’t be able to collect unemployment. Your only option is to find another job. Even if you were to collect unemployment, by the time you get your first unemployment check, you have to do so much bs and jump through so many hoops that unemployment isn’t worth it.

Answer #14

They will most likely turn you down because the reason you were fired was your fault and because of your behaviour.

Answer #15

It’s pretty hard to find another job when your canned for harassment and violence, isn’t it? Especially w/ the same company since I LOVED my job. They have permanent record where anyone w/in the corporation can check. Idiot shoulda never pissed me off.

Answer #16

I heard it better that you get fired to collect unemployment. youll get it faster and you dont have to worry about and appeal

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