Do you think the movie shutter is scary?

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haha omg yesh!! meh and my frann were watchin it like a month ago and im still scared imbeing watched or someones on my sholders...because my neck has been hurting bad lateley!!!UGH!!!

scary movies to watch.

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huh! Not much!

I was just biting my Nails,My hands were shivering,I pressed my pillow very hard, and I hid myself behind my friend's back..(Oh! she's got a nice a** lol :D) while watching the movie.

trust me I wasn't scared at all lol.

What is a horror movie that is really scary?
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No...didnt scare me...ha I thought it was going to like realy real scare but it wasnt lol

What are some good, recent scary movies that are PG-13?

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