What did you think of the movie; shutter island?

I just watched the movie Shutter Island and I thought it was pretty good.

But, I was really confused about the ending because I didn't know if he is actually a patient there or if he's a detective.

What are you thoughts about the movie?

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''Shutter,'' people. ''Shutter.''

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werent they gonna lobodomize him not kill him?? I thought it was kinda boring honestly the plot was kinda stupid and I mean, leonardo dicaprio is a decent actor but that was what saved it. everything else was kinda pointless

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hi! yeah I know, I saw it about a week or so ago and wondered the same thing. I think they make out that he's craxy until rght at the end when hes all like ïs it better to die a crazy man or a sane man"or whatever he says. from that I think he really is sane and the whole things a set up.

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Shudder Island is pretty good, Leonardo DiCaprio played his character so convincing, and viewers didn't even know whether he was a real patient or not.

Tyndalltkd, go and watch the movie again ;) ...Leonardo's character was a patient there, the quacks tried to treat his illness by conducting an experiment that is, role playing but the experiment didn't work as his mental illness was too deep to be treated.

Towards the end of the movie, where his character was sitting on the steps with his shrink and the shrink discretely shook his head, notifying the medical boards and the policemen standing opposite ends of the building, the experiment had failed and it was time to 'put him to sleep' (kill him) as he was too dangerous to be keep alive.

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