I smoked pot10 days ago ie been downing water will i pass?

I weigh about 140 with very low body fat, I've also been adding creatine to my water

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IF you are a very light, occasional smoker you will pass, even without all that additional stuff.
IF you are a heavy, habitual user, then you will fail.

Good Luck!!

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Where did this fiction start that drinking water will cleanse your system of THC? THC is stored in your fat cells, and no amount of water is going to get it out again. It has to be metabolized naturally and is USUALLY gone from the system within a week, but if you are a heavy smoker, it can still be detected weeks after your last puff.

Of course, if they do a hair analysis and not a pee test, you're completely screwed, no matter how long you wait.

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pass a drug test for thc

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