My parents are overprotective and won't let me have sex

My boyfriend and I have both agreed on sex, there's only one parents. His mom is totally cool with it and she said she would give us the house for the night, but my parents are so over protective and want me to wait to have sex, but I don't want to...what should I do?

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its really none of there buisness I know there your parent and they whant to make sure your mature enough to handle it but remember its your decision nobody elses not your friends or your parent or his parents its all on you. if you go through with it be ready be safe and have trust

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Truth to be told, we teenagers will always find a way to sneak around their rules and do as we wish. So, if you do plan to do that, which is what I did, just be prepared. I don't suggest condoms, but I do suggest that you start Birth Control Pills. Those absolutly gaurantee that you won't get pregnant. Good luck.

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They are trying to protect you from the physical and mental dangers that sex can have. It is sad to me that girls are veiwing sex as something to just do now instead of something sacred and spiritual that is shared between two people in love. What happens if you have sex and wind up pregnant or what if he isnt a virgina dn you wind up with an STD(or STI as they are now called) that he didnt even know he had? What if he breaks up with you after you two have sex?
You need to weigh all the possibilities before actually doing anything.
Your parents are smart, you should listen to them and respect them.

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wait a minute, so your b/f`s mom is giving you the house for the night? I agree with ichanbarky, something is totally wrong there, and I also agree with the others wo said your waayyy underaged (I`m 13 and wouldnt dream of doing that I`d be too afraid that the condom would break and I`d get pregnant and he`d dump me as soon as he found out) not saying that I`m like paranoid `bout it but you could just say I`m. . . . . . wary as you would say, of it.

hope you make the right desicions by waiting
Haniah :0)-lol a clown face <3

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You're 15, and his mother is allowing you to have sex in her house? There's something wrong here.

I'm sorry, but I side with your parents. I have a 15 year old daughter, and she was honest enough to tell me that she's not a virgin anymore, but there's no way I'd give her opportunites.

If you want to have sex that bad, find your own way around it, and blame nobody but yourself when your parents are upset because you've betrayed their trust.

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Best Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, getting financially stable, then baby - your parents are right and looking after your best interests - life is choices, make Good ones.

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um can you say duh...your what 15?? if I was your dad I would kick your butt for even bringing it up

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ok whoever's parents say they would give you the house for the night when you're teenagers and want to have sex, are not good parents. You're parents are trying to protect you. That is all guys want and girls fail to realize this until after they wind up with a baby and a deadbeat father. Trust me, if he is serious about you, he will wait.

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