I really hate my job :(

So I’m 15 and I work at mcdonalds. Today one of the managers told me that I don’t work fast enough. I told her that I thought that I worked pretty fast and then she told me that if I want to keep my job then I’m going to have to work faster and she was complaining on how I walk into work without a smile on my face. I just really really hate working there. Should I stop working there? I mean how can I have a smile on my face when I’m working at mcdonalds-not like I don’t try or anything.I get about $50 or less a month for babysitting and cleaning my house. Should I apply for another job? I know you are going to say, “That’s life,” but I just cannot work in an eviroment that I hate.

Answer #1

Anyone who says working at McDonald’s is easy has never worked there. Fast food work is exhausting, hot, dangerous work that requires an enormous amount of training to be done well, and for people like me who frankly can’t stand people, pretending to be cheerful all day is emotionally draining.

I’ve held plenty of different jobs in many fields over the years, and McDonald’s was by far the hardest.

Answer #2

oh my gosh I TOTALLY understand what your saying. Im 16 and started working at mcdonalds about 2 months ago. Some days its not THAT bad.. then others its like a nightmare and I wanna just cry but cant because I need to “smile for the customers.” It’s harder than anything I’ve ever done. Theres sooo much to remember. First your on counter taking orders, then running around getting sweet tea, shakes, coffee, ice cream cones, sundaes, and whatever else the customers complain your not getting fast enough. It’s like I just wanna scream “GET OUT OF MY FACE!” they have NOO idea how hard we have to work. The least they can do is shut their mouths and respect all the hard work we’re putting in to get them their frickin order. I totally know how you feel.. but maybe you should keep going since you already put in all the training. I thought about quiting but I trained and finally got the hang of things. So just keep trying.. I hope it gets better for you (:

p.s. I just got home from work like an hour ago. One of the worst days ever for me. I was running for counter at lunch time.. enough said.

Answer #3

Two things:

  1. While it’s very difficult to keep a positive attitude in an environment you hate, it’s also a reasonable expectation for any employer to have, and they have every right to criticize your performance if you’re exuding an aura of bad attitude, especially in a service industry. McDonald’s does indeed suck (I worked there when I was your age), but they make their money by being a place that people actually want to go to, and when you act counter to that interest, you can expect to be called out for it.
  2. I don’t understand why you would ask if you should look for another job. If you hate your job, of course you should look for another one. No one ever said you had to be unemployed to look for a new job.
Answer #4

ahaha! Lunchtime is terrible! worst time. And they had me on grill from 11-2. omg I ws dying. constantly running to get all the meats. I was sooo sweaty afterwords. but I’m deff quitting this is my third week with NO hours!

Answer #5

you should be glad that you have a job in the crisis we are in right now, theres so many people who wished they had a job right now if you dont like your job than I feel sorry for you cus working at mcdonalds is freaking easy as hell and its onl ygonna get harder

Answer #6

I guess you’re right but I’m just so pissed. I spent over two hours on training videos and wanting this job more than ever and now I extremely hate it. And I only posted this to see if I am making the right choice if I quit. Maybe I can make money off doing my own thing.

Answer #7

I am a manager at a mcdonalds, have been for 12 years, get the fu* out of it now,it isnt the work that sucks, it is the godamn spoiled brain washed retarded ass fat no good for nothing brain dead moronic dumb ass cut sniffing, cok sucking mother fucing customers who have been told for far to long by an industry who only cares about their lousy ass pocket change that the customer is always right, what a fucing crock of sht, this job will completely expose the true nature of the human race to you, i use to love people, but after all these years of putting up with this sht, I just cant stand people any more, do you fucing people see what you have done to me, you think fast food is easy, imagine putting up with 450 pound pigs who act like complete fucing mindless slobs who act snobby over a stupid fucing dollar cheese burger, i hate you fucing people, and im not alone, 98 fucing % of restraunt workers hate you cows to. why dont you try and have some fucing respect for me and my fellow workers. you say you pay my bills, i make 11.70 an hour to be treated like sht by child like people who are suppose to be adults, oh that reminds me to all you sick ass parents who feed this awful sht to your kids every day( HEY DUMB ASS, ITS CALLED A FUCING HOME COOKED MEAL, YOU LAZY FUCING PEACE OF SHT PARENTS, LEARN HOW TO FUCING USE IT, IT BEING THE GODAMN STOVE DONT FEED YOUR KIDS THIS SIT 2 TIMES A DAY, LAZY FAT BITCH, THEN COME TO ME THE 1 AND ONLY TIME I MAKE A MISTAKE BECAUSE YOUR FAT ASS IS TO DAMN PICKY TO EAT IT LIKE IT COMES, NO VEGIES, EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA FUCING FAT FOR MY FAT FUCING LARD ASS). you ass suckers do not pay my bills, if my store, which does 8000 to 12000 a day would just stop serving the smart ass cattle and only those who have commen enough sense to treat their fellow human being like a human being, my store would still do plenty to be their, so take your 2.16 and shove it up the crack of your oversized ass, (AND THOUGH I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO PEOPLES FOOD, I HAVE HAD TO DISMISS EMPLOYEES WHO I CAUGHT DOING IT BECAUSE SOMEONE TREATED THEM LIKE SHT, SO THINK ABOUT THAT, BECAUSE GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MUCH IT HAPPENDS WHEN I AINT LOOKIN, REMEBER THIS, DO NOT FU*K WITH THE PEOPLE WHO HANDLE YOUR FOOD). have a good day and please go some were else next time, thank you.

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