Is it better to stay at a job you hate for secure pay, or leave it for a job you love with no guarantee?

For example, if you worked in an office and you get paid regular wages every week without fail, but your boss treats you like garbage and the job stressed you out so much it made you sick, would you stay there just for the money? What if a job you really loved came up but it was only contract work and couldn’t promise regular wages? Would you take the risk?

Answer #1

no, i think its so much better to find a job you love. its good to enjoy your job. if you hate it, you’ll just be stressed and feel crappy, so find something you love, and put your happiness first.

Answer #2

Think about it, you have bills to pay…if you are that dissatisfied ask yourself if you can really find a job that will be able to pay all the bills & then some because at the end of the month the bills dont care if you like your job or not!

On the other hand, if you have enough money financially secured to cover those bills for at least 6-9 months, then begin looking for a new job while still hating but working in the first one til you do!

Remember 60% -70% of people hate the jobs they have or the bosses they work for…but still at the end of the month have to come up with the rent money & have all the bills paid. Its ok to hate your job as long as the bills are taken cared of & you know where your next pay check is coming from! It would be nice & beneficial to work at a place you like & have the most awesome boss too, but usually that doesnt happen often…so dont hold your breath!

Good Luck!

Answer #3

It depends on you as a person.

Not being able to pay bills and not feeling secure are huge issues for some people and then I would say staying even though you do not like it might be better.

I on the other hand would not stay in a job if I hated it, I don’t mind not having a guarantee about my job. Also people who love what they do often FIND A WAY to make that job a guarantee no matter what the challenges. But I am young still and do not have any permanent responsibilities.

So basically after all my ranting and raving I am trying to say. It depends. I do not feel that there is a clear cut rule for this.

Answer #4

if you find a job that you love, eventuallly from working there long enough pay will get better, it’s like that with any job, you have to work your wayyyyyyy up ;)

Answer #5

I would actually stay at the job with a better pay no matter how bad I hated it. I mean doing what you love is great and all, but only if you’ll be able to have a steady life with the check. Without the cash to pay your bills, you’ll end up with stress anyways. I guess I’m just scrambling for money since my own household is in debt, but I’d much rather go for the higher paying job and suck it up.

Answer #6

Stay with that job till you find one you love (or just like) with a guarentee…that’s what I’d do…I can’t afford to end up with no job at all….

Answer #7

i think I would probably save up for a bit and then if a job came up that could be better but did involve more risk I would go for it. That way if it didnt work out I would atlease have some money to get through it until I found another source of income.

Answer #8

honestly? lol. the secure pay.. but if u really hate it, and you cant take it anymore.. then work on finding another job.. one that you like.. while ur lukn.. just stay in ur job until ur guaranteed a better job :)

Answer #9

This depends on about a 1000 different things. For one, your personality type. People who need stability and are prone to anxiety when there’s no consistency, would probably be better off not quitting. There are certain people who live day by day, although odds are they would have quit a long time ago. Then, it would depends on what place I am in my life. If I had kids and was the sole provider, quitting wouldnt be an option. If I was married and my partner was working and we didnt have financial difficulties, quitting would be more of an option. Also, life very rarely boils down to two choices. There’s several other options here, including waiting to find a job that may be closer to your dream job but is also with steady pay. Finding a job that you dont hate and has steady pay.

Answer #10

your shortening your life doing something you hate. keep it till you can find something better, than jump ship.

Answer #11

I am along with this one.

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