I play football but I keep getting Harassed by boys?!

okay im a football player at my school and I keep getting Harassed by boys telling me I shouldnt be on the football team because im a girl…I need sum advice…thanx Vanilla

Answer #1

if you love playing football just ignore them bc most likely they are just mad bc you can play better than them so they just want to aggervate you and make you quit

Answer #2

well take it from a football player most guys dont wear cups just drive your shoulderpads into their crotch and watch them drop they wont give you crap after that

Answer #3

trust me ii played football for how boys camrose girls skl boys county boys .!.

just ignore them trust its cus they have contested

Answer #4

Good for you…one of my friends (a girl) is also on the boy’s football team. She’s doing amazing. Keep at it. They are just jealous!!!

Answer #5

I would honestly suggest not playing football.

When I played football there was the occasional girl player. They were always the #1 target for big hits on the field. All the guys are going to purposely come after you and try to hit you as hard as they can. Unless you are ready to take all the physical abuse that comes along with a girl playing football then I would just get involved in another sport. It will be no fun to have people that are bigger and stronger than you trying to hurt you all the time, and what they are doing will be encouraged by the coaches because coaches love to see the players hit hard. Unless you are a great physical specimen who is just going to run through everyone I would not suggest playing football for girls.

Answer #6

if you can take hits im pretty sure theyre impressed and being a football player I know that well harrass just about anything we can so just get really pissed off and knock a big guy or someone good flat on their a** and youll get a little bit more respect, trust me

Answer #7

My friend used to be in the same position. Just ignore them and have fun playing footie

Answer #8

who cares what htey say. you have to play! that will prove to those stupid boys that girls are just as good as them!!! its not a matter of your sex it depends on your determination! if you like it then ignore them. every time they say somehting mean just look at them and say Thank You! itll bug them!

Answer #9

who cares what thay say just keep doing it if you like it!!! =^)

Answer #10

hey! I luv football and im a girl. just ignore them. you know how boys can be.

Answer #11

Men and boys are Jerks a lot of the time. I was always taught to have the highest respect for women. Not all boys are taught that. They should be looking after you not trying to take your head off. If I played on your team they would respect you and give you your space. When I played I was 6’ 5” and 325 lbs.

I liked picking on guys who had fun with people who couldnt defend themselves. Your not a man if you do stuff like that. If your a man you will go after some of the tougher guys around. Thats how you get respect. Not picking on women or Geeks.

Answer #12

Who cares? You jut as eligable as them, I used to play all the time, trust me, if you leave they’ll miss ya, don’t give up on something you like because someone else is jealous and it degrades the guys who play football, because even girls can do it, if guys can play tennis, girls can play football. -Dare to dream


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