I need your sincere answer.. does he like me?

this is going to be kinda long but im here for the most SINCERE answers. there is this guy I REALLY like.but im serious we fight all the time! we can fight over ANYTHING ANYDAY! he ALWAYS starts the fights though.. like on monday for example I was walking through the hallways ALL normal then my stomach started hurting & I said “f*ckk!” in that moment he was passing through there & when he was next to me he called me a”b!tch”. I was like “YOUU!!” & well we started fighting. yesterday when my friends were in the hallway going to class he told my friend”tell that angie girl to stop staring at me” my other friend trying to defend me said”dude she wasnt even looking at youu YOU stare at her!” & he said”watever you shut up this is none of your business” my friend went running to me & told me what he said. I WAS SO MAD! I went up to him & said”you are such an idiot” he whispered something I couldnt understand & I yelled at him SHUT UP! then he stayed quiet. Today I was in detention but I DID see when this girl was hugging him(shes my “friend” & shes a wh0re) & he letted her hug him! I was SOO MAD! but I pretended I didnt see anything. then he stood right in front of the detention table for a while & one of my friends told him to come on over to the table. of course he said no. she told me”awww hes shyy!!” & I was like “watever! you did that on purpose!” & she said” I tell you hes really shy in front of the girls he likes & when he likes a girl hes so mean & rude to them trust me he did this to me last year” I just stayed quiet. I have caught him MILLION of times staring at me @ lunch, then he says I STARE AT HIM! my question is… does he like me? I really dont know WHO or WHAT to belive becuse if you hate someone.. YOU SHOULDNT GET JEALOUS OR STARE AT THEM!! I need SINCERE answers, I NEED to know the truth.. help?ps he only flirts with girls when IM around. thankks ;)

Answer #1

I think he likes you, some guys act really immature because they don’t know how to express there feelings in any other way. Just try to be cute and sarcastic and maybe he will say something about liking you… Hope I helped :)

Answer #2

yes he does like u :) it’s true some boys don’t know how 2 show their feelings towards the ones they love and start 2 be rude & mean , he’s just afraid ( shy) 2 addmittt he loves u , one day you try 2 hug him and see if he lets u ;)

Answer #3

He definitly likes you but his just a coward to admit that he does.he’s one of those guys that waits for the girl to make the first move.So if you really like him I suggest you go for it.

Answer #4

he likes you, plain and simple, hes trying every chance hes got to make you angry so you think about him and think “what a tw*t,!” hes trying to get your attention, in a bad way I might add

Answer #5

50% he might and 50% he might not…depends…tell your girlfriends to ask his guy friends if he likes u…better than wasting your time waitinfg on him..lol..hope I helped:)

Answer #6

I think he liikes u!! lol. hes just being a little immature–guys are like that if they dont know how to act around girls, usually.

Answer #7

Uh, Hugging is not a sure sign of affection unless it shows (which it will) Other than that. I think he is just embarrassed. Thats all.

Answer #8

uhh… just stay away from him. He doesn’t sound mature enough for a relationship. that said, it doesn’t matter if you like him or not.

Answer #9

umm, this ounds really complicated. umm togh. but I think that he’s probably trying to make you jealous. but I could be wrong. but that sounds like whats going on to me. but it sounds like you guys have like a love ‘n’ hate realtionship. it sounds like it changes on a day to day basis. but I think he’s trying to make you jealous. I guess it depends on his MOOD that day. xoxoTina

Answer #10

How old are you guys? Some guys when they are younger (like around 13 or so) they express their feelings for a girl in a negative way.. like hitting, calling her names, etc. So it’s kind of hard to tell if he’s acting like that because he likes you, or because he can’t stand you. Maybe you can ask him why he acts that way towards you.

Answer #11

I think he likes you some guys just show it differently than girls … but you guys just have to calm down and loosen up a bit wow you guys yell at each other a lot lol

Answer #12

Well, from personal experience, most guys that I’ve like that like me back were actually nice to me? That’s partially why I liked them.

I mean it sounds like if he’s always staring at you he either likes you or you have something in your teeth ;).

But what I don’t get is why he’d be mean to you. Since I’m not seeing for myself what is going on, I think next time you guys get in a fight look at him and say (don’t yell) “What did I ever do to you?” If he doesn’t come clean about liking you then, he probably doesn’t like you =/

Answer #13

I personally would not bother with him. if he is rude to ever person he likes, then how would he treat people he doesnt know? you need to remember, a relationship needs to have respect. and right off the bat he is not doing that. I’m not saying this will happen but soon I could see abuse (verbal, emotional, and physical) coming from this guy. clearly, he needs to know how to treat others or he’ll be the only one to suffer in the end.

so once again, I wouldnt bother with this guy. even if he likes you , even if he is shy. its the rudeness that I’m worried about.

find someone else who actually respects you

Answer #14

ummm this is hard ima have to go with he does like you hes just beinf immature and thats pretty much I can say I agree with aliya0137 :)

hope I helped hope it workes out for u :)

Answer #15

well you told me 2 ancer it so here I am. now all I gots 2 say iz hel no. if a guy likes you then he wouldnt call you a btch or tell you 2 shut up. if a guy likes u, he would approach u, flirt with you and if you like him then you will date him. and if you guys fight all the time, thats not love sweetie, thats verbal abuse. if your looking for love, dont look, let them look 4u. so in the end, take care ov your friends, and urself…;)

Answer #16

I think it’s quite likely that he does. But you really, REALLY need to stop arguing with him. If you catch eyes then smile at him instead of waiting for him to hurl some abuse. Try to do it casually or else he may be a dick and spread it around that you fancy him of take the mick about you more. If you stick at being ‘pleasant’ with him and he starts to respond (stops arguing and starts talking and laughing) you know for sure he likes you - though be prepared that it may just be as a friend. If he shouts something at you, try to get him to smile about it by saying something back jokingly but not taking the piss out of him in any way. Relationships can often start as love/hates.

hope this helps :) Em 16

Answer #17

Yes he does ok because if he stares at you then why wouldnt he like u I dont know reallyy about guys cuss im not an expert in them but I know that some guys act mean to girls to flirt with them iiono but guys are weird like how us girls can be weird with guys too, but yeah, you should be mean to him. be nice and ignore him and I bet if he likes you he will come up to you. you just try to stay away from him and for sure if he likes you he will talk to you,, but be nice so he can act nice. if you tell him to shut up and such, he will be mean and I know you dont want him to be mean to you right?

Answer #18

yeahh I thinkk he likes u. a guy always insults a girl when they like them. its true:]

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