I need tips on how to tint windows

Hey well I need tips on how too tint my back window on my durango! Any tips you can give me please?

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Actually, there is tinting sheets you can purchase that you stick on the inside of the window like wallpaper.

The problem with this, is that it's very tricky - like putting Saran Wrap on your window and trying to keep it from wrinkling or bubbling.

If you want it to look good, I suggest you bring it to a professional.

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sorry but you cant just tint glass
youll have to buy tinted glass for it
ask a car shop about tinted glass
you might have to get a tinted back window made up for it
and that will cost money

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hi you can buy tinting kits theres a place in cornwall in england sell them not sure what its called but they have an on line video to show how its done
first you buy the kit what ever shade you want then give your window a good clean with soapy water . the you get a template made from thick paper cut it the size of your window then lay it on the tinted sheet and cut round it
then spray the window with water then carefully lay the tint sheet on the glass .then smooth it out with a sponge or squeegein england you can only do behind the drivers door backwards if you need any more help imm ,mikky.duff@btinternet.com cheers

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You need to get it professionally done at an auto shop.

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