I need Military advice (Army)

Okay, I’ve been looking into joining the Air Force/ Navy. Well since I graduated from a home school, they want me to get 15 college credits before I can enlist. I want to leave as soon as I can. So I’ve been considering talking with an Army recruiter. Is there anyone in/have been in the army that can give me a little advice on my situation??

What is the army like? Do you regret joining? Stuff like that.. Your advice is very much appreciated it =)

Answer #1

My dad joined the army reserve when he got drafted for Viet Nam. Luckily, he didn’t have to go overseas.

Unfortunately, my uncle joined the regular army when he was drafted…to this day, he doesn’t talk about what happened. You do realize, being in the military, if somebody says “kill them” you have to, right? And, you have to live with those consequences. From what I can tell, it didn’t make my uncle mental or anything, in fact, he’s a great guy. However, he does strongly disagree with the government, policies, agenda, etc, etc. He’s a smart guy and, well, given his experience of working for the government as an employee AND being in the military, I think he has some credibility. Of course, you can find tons of people on the other side, eg, post military they are insanely patriotic.

The bottom line is though, there are more military related suicides, more rapes (of women in the military) and more problems than we know about…sexual harrassment, etc, etc. And you will experience this on a statistical basis far more often in the military than you will if you enter into civilian life.

There are other ways, if it’s your education you’re looking to pay off, of getting it done…in the same time frame. Peace corps, etc or other types of domestic service.

But, well, if you want to join in, go for it. Apparently, the US will not stop invading other countries as a political agenda item with either democrats OR republicans in power…so, it seems that until we have a full army of robots, we do need people.

Answer #2

im not in any of those but my family are, one of my family members just done his training for the army and said he made loads of new friends and learnt lots of new skills and got paid. none of my family have regretted being in the army and probably never will. it can be tough but its all worth it. you get to have discount on some places because of the army (not all though). you dont have to move all the time if your in the army, unless you live in a army house then you do. when you go to war there is a chance you die but youd have loads of equipment and everyones looking out for each other, its quite unlikely but it does happen its just about where you are and the time. I think you should join the army, sure you have to do pressups and stuff in training but it makes you a stronger and nicer person (seriously my family member was horrible before training, he came back all nice, lost weight and learnt LOADS of new skills) and that happened to everyone there. you could join the air force or army but I wouldnt join the marines.

Answer #3

You deffinately want to go with the Navy or airforce over the army.. Even the National Guard would be a better choice. The Navy is more strict but if you’re in it to better yourself, it’s deffinately worth the extra effort. If you want more of a laid back feel(not that you’ll get that in the military) or you just want the money, the Airforce or Guard are for you. And no offence to anyone that are in them.. >.> If you’re in it to serve your country, the Army or Airforce are probably best for you.

I’ve never been in any of them(I’m only 16), but I have family members and friends that have been in every one of them, so I know what I’m talking about..

Answer #4

I know aloot of people in the army and my brother just went to basic training he told me his unit got smoked like every 5mins he said they had to do a certain number of push ups to get their mail and if something was wrong on the letter head then you had to do more push ups he said this one dude ended up wit a thousand and something push ups but my whole family is in the army but I say if everybody can do it then you can do it to

Answer #5

If your going to join one of them join the air force. You might need to know a little more, but it is better then the army. Do NOT go with marines!

Answer #6

Take your time. The Army isn’t going anywhere, and you can get a higher rank with college experience. You might really like college anyways, and decide not to enlist, but I hope not. You can also join ROTC, which will prepare you for what to expect.

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