Any advice to get out of the army ?

I mean I dont hate the army and the army is good to me . I just think I need to be home with my family they need me more than the army and besides our sargent major said that the army is at one hundred and fifty percent of the people we need so if we have more people then we need anyway why cant some of us at least have a break?

Answer #1

I have been doing this job for almost 7 years. this is my third deployment, 05-06,07-08,09-2010. I have had very little time with my loving wife and 2 boys. I am also trying to figure a way out, rather than waiting the 3 years I have left. I dont feel that people that have served over seas and finally figured out its time to quite, when they still have time left are wimps. it takes a lot to do this job, and puts a lot of strain on the family, you folks that talk poop , I hope you have actually been in our shoes in order to do so. yes we signed the papers, some of us more than once. but you are not us, and until you do what we have then keep it to your self. I have seen buddys killed and seen a person kill him self and been hit with ied’s. I have had surgerys were bones have been removed, and still signed papers again. but I am burnt out and so are a lot of others. you come ride in a convoy with me, or do the things that my fellow soldiers do , and then say you dont understand why we want to call it a day. there are no easy ways out, or I would be already. im here in iraq serving my time, I cant wait till im done. I love all my fellow americans, and I support any decisions any of you have about the military weather its getting out or staying in. you do whats right for u, and f… what everyone else says. another soldier, I support your decision, whatever that is.

Answer #2

THANK YOU Missmagic. Thats pretty much what I wanted to say.

I mean. Dude… You signed up. You volunteered. Your feeling the same way Other soldiers are feeling. but You still got a Job to do.

I know I’ll be thinking the same thing as You when I’ go into the Marines. But still. we Have a duty to do.

Answer #3

I know we have a job to do and I as a soldier love you americans and I will fight to no end for you guys and girls back home and I dont really want out that bad I guess what im trying to say is I could use a break cause we bust our asses 24/7 and we work till we can hardly stand up and then we work some more I just wish they gave us more personal leave time so I could spend more than just a couple days with my family after not seein them for a year.

Answer #4

Well, the army isn’t like any other job, and you signed up for it, so you kind of have to live out your responsibilities unless you get dishonorable discharge, which is kinda embarrassing.

Answer #5

Well first of dude, you’re in the army. Props to you, I respect you for that. How long do you have left? I can’t see here, also as much as It’s going to fucking hurt. Get shot, somewhere serious, try your hamstring If you can ask the Iraq people nicely. :) No but in all seriousness, that’s the only way I know of. You won’t get discharged for being gay, just reassigned.

Answer #6

Just break the don’t ask don’t tell policy and start acting gay. The only other way is to keep getting seriously hurt and get med-boarded or to get out on a mental discharge.

xox Sika

Answer #7

The dont ask dont tell policy will no longer be in effect if Obama has his way lol. If you can save up about 250k I think thats how much it costs (at least the guys I know) to buy their way out of the Army. How long do you have left on your contract? How much leave do you have saved up? I know a lot of units right now are being granted extended leave since there is not a whole lot going on. However some units are getting ready to deploy in Febuary.

Answer #8

true enough.

Answer #9

you have no idea what we go through every second of every day fuck all of you .

Answer #10

so much for expecting someone who joined to actually do everything they could to stay in and do they’re Job.

Answer #11

yea but all the soldiers say if you see a shrink that your weak

Answer #12

If you are thinking of leaving it would be ill advised. An “other than honorable” discharge is what you are most likely to receive, and those are not just the slap on the wrist that are commonly misinterpreted to be. OtHD can harm you a lot in the long run, destroying many job opportunity for you, which I am guessing would hurt you and you’re family more than you’re absence. I do understand how you are feeling, I served myself and my current occupation is helping people who are in you’re exact predicament…Now you’re best course of action is not to lie or run!!! I cannot stress that enough, you have a great potential of ruining you’re work record. The army is one of the best when it comes to shrinks, my best advice is to schedule to see one; it is free and will do wonders for you and you’re low morale. You signed a contract, and legal action CAN be taken against you if you breach said contract. Please, country22boy, think long about you’re coming decision! At least try to speak with one of the armies many psychologists, they are not as judgmental as the other officers and certainly not as judgmental as you’re sergeants.

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