Healthy vegetarian dishes for dinner?

I am a vegetarian

I need ideads for dishes for dinner that are healthy and good for you oh and they have to taste good too =] please help

Answer #1

If you dont mind, I am just going to put some links in for recipes. I wish they would actually link though…,,gf1f,00.html,,gv9n,00.html

I really hope that this helps you out. I love trying new things, and so I may evern try some of these even though I eat meat.

Answer #2

couscous has protein and is nice with bits of tomato ,onion , mushroom, cheese chunks , boiled egg or anything else mixed in, I like to fry the onion in some spices like fahita seasoning before I mix it together, its so easy to make , good 4 you and yummy.

Fried eggs and chips with lashings of vinegar and mayo

also I do a vegetable pasta bake ( this is no longer my secret recipie!) where you chop up mushrooms, leeks, red onion (half) spring onion, carrots , celery, sweet potato brocoli and cauliflower. Pre cook the carrot brocoli and sweet potato and the pasta (penne is best) grate tonnes of cheese . In a big bowl add 2 cans of tinned tomatoes, half a teaspoon of sugar and some mixed herbs and all the ingredients … mix in the cheese ,dont sprinkle on top . bake in a dish in a pre heated oven at 150 degrees for at least 30 mins. For a non veggie version add chopped chorizo. Make sure you use double the amount of sweet potato to all other vegetables, you only need a little bit of each vegetable as theres so many. it tastes nicer reheated the next day.

Answer #3

vege lasange is one of my favorites, just make it like a normal lasange, except roast some veges, like pototo, sweet potato,brocilli can be ok, ect. anything you want really, then put a layer of your mostly cooked veges,with cheees sauce and pasta suace then a lasange sheet, then more veges and suce then another lasange sheet great cheese on the top and cook in oven till the lasange is soft! make sure to cook/boil/roast the veges before the go into the lasange!! soz it doesn’t make all that much sense (but neither does my cooking) lol xx jasmine

Answer #4

I like to eat pitas

Answer #5

thanking you!!!

Answer #6

Here is a recipe for vegetable patties:

Ingredients 1 fresh onion 1/2 cup parsley 2 small potatoes 1 cup grated feta cheese 3 eggs 1 cup flour 1Kg (2 lb) raw spinach 1/3 cup breadcrumbs Mix of green vegetables


  1. Chop green vegetables to tiny pieces.
  2. Add chopped vegetables in a bowl and add salt.
  3. Mix vegetables with your hands.
  4. Thinly chop the fresh and dry onions or use an electric blender.
  5. Grate the potatoes.
  6. Add onions and potato mush in bowl.
  7. Add grated feta cheese and mix well.
  8. Add eggs, 1 cup of all purpose flour and 1/3 cup of breadcrumbs and mix very well.
  9. Mix till mixture is thick and creamy, if not thick enough add some additional flour.
  10. Heat up some frying oil in a frying pan.
  11. Fashion patties with your hands, dip them in some flour and fry them in the frying pan.
  12. Fry them till golden-brown on both sides.
  13. Strain them and place them in a plate over a paper towel.

Serve hot.

I made this last Sunday and everyone who tried them wanted more! It can be a bit messy when you’re moulding the patties with your hands. I had to use loads of flour to stop them sticking to my hands! But the result was something which looks and tastes brilliant. And it’s totally vegetarian. Not vegan though, because of the cheese and eggs. Hopefully if you decide to use this recipe, your patties will be as nice as mine were, if not, better. =o)

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