Does anyone have info that might help me to lose weight?

I am only 24 years old and I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. I am at 350 as much as I am afraid to admit. I have had so many tests done, blood drawn, counted calories, watched my good carbs and bad, exercised…dont drink pop or tea..but I still CAN NOT loose weight. I am so beyond miserable it isnt even funny. My husband and my family and friends love me for me, but I am very unhappy. I was wondering if anybody on here has any advice or info that may help other than what I have tried. It was to the point where I was going in to be weighed at my doctor once a month. Even considered the lapband surgery. Dont really want to have to go that route. PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer #1

The funny thing is, I know exactly what your feeling, I’m goingto give you experience off of a been there done that situation, lucky thing is you have people who support you and love you for who you are. I once weighed 230 quickly assuming an eating disorder is the right way, after not losing any weight and being left with a lot of health concerns that I am now paying the price for, which I regret deeply. I decided eating right, exercising daily, and watching my calorie in take was the only way to really lose the weight and become healthy. it may take a long time(even tho I wanted quick results) its way worth it in the end. maybe you just have to have a strict diet, lower the calorie intake since the daily average amount is 2,500. im not saying eat lettuce every day because that also is not healthy. even the skinny people are not healthy(remember that) you are beautiful for being who you are, confidence is always sexy.(remember that as well) you have reasons to be confident, so go for it! It says you are an army wife, I as well have my boyfriend is afghanistan. I know we want to be all in good shape for them when they come back, right? lol. just be yourself. it may take some time, but your on the road to a good start, dont let people tell you you cant do it because you CAN!!. I ended up losing around 80lbs and that was in almost 2 years.. so I wish you luck, I hope everything works out.

Answer #2

Nowhere has exercise been mentioned.

That said… exercise might be a better place to start.

Answer #3

just do a diet without and carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, rice,bread. but you can eat ank kind of protien wether it’s fried boiled it really worls I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and I lost 16pounds. 8 kilos.

Answer #4

Have you ever heard of the show, Ruby? Its on the style network, and I highly recommend it. Its about a woman, named Ruby Gettinger, and her struggle with her weight. It’s a reality show, so it shows her weightloss updates, and work out routines. But I think that if you watch that, you could get lots of tips for weightloss. I know that I’ve gained a lot from that show, as far as nutrition and confidence goes.So you should totally check that out.

You mentioned that youve seen a nutritionist, as I had asked before..How about a personal trainer at your local gym? Other than that, I guess Id just go to my doctor, and tell them whats going on. Tell them youve been struggling, and tried everything you can.

Answer #5

I HAVE tried exercise, bought memberships at the gym..I have been to a nutritionist as well. they are the ones that told me about the good carbs and bad carbs. Some people have even mentioned the b.c. I am on as being the cause. I am not sure, however I am taking it out. I have not always been this weight either it has happend all of a suddeen over a 7 month time frame, that is why I had to go get all the blood work done and the monitoring with my doc. I feel like its hopeless..and im not looking for something to make me loose to much weight real fast. I want to do it in a healthy way if I can, I have two young kids that need their mom ya know..thank you to all of you that have offered advice, it is very much appriciated!

Answer #6

If you have struggled with weight your whole life, surgery may end up being the only effective route for you to take. Diets generally only work, if even, for people who gained weight during a smaller time line (ie. having a baby, having a rough patch in their life, etc.). If you need to lose a large amount of weight, these diets most likely will do nothing but take your money.

There is nothing wrong with having surgery done to lose weight, especially if you’ve tried all of these other things. I know 2 people who have had surgery done due to being overweight and they are both quite happy with the outcome and say it was worth everything.

Answer #7

What Stephanie said was all correct. However, I think that doing a cardiovascular excersize, like running, jogging, or even walking is the best and fastest way to lose weight. Trust me, I know how annoying it is to be overweight and have to excersize. But Cardiovascular excersizes are the best for burning calories. Besides that, just diet and excersize. Have you ever been to a nutritionist, or asked for a doctor’s opinion? There are people trained to help others in your situation, just do some looking around. But I wish you the best in your journey through weightloss, and just remember that you are beautiful :]

Answer #8

Thank you so much for the advice..I appriciate any I can get!

Answer #9

wake up in morning without brushing your teeath and any thing DRINK ONE GALSS OF WATER ,afther that you can brush your teeth and have your healthy brekfast after 30 minutes .

keep same routine for your lunch … drink 1 galss of water before 30 to your lunch and some bewttwen

same for dinner

actulallt water clean the deposit fat …

Answer #10

Well. Don’t wait till you get into your 30’s. Once we get older our metabolism will get slower still, muscles will start to shrink do to the nomal aging process, your body will take longer to recuperate from exercise, you will be more prone to injuries and will take longer to recover from them. Sorry for the bad news. But start now when you are young. Concentrate mostly on weight lifting. You will get stronger bones and will built more muscle tone. Do all of this with a support system of a doctor and gym partners. Will be harder to do on your own. But don’t use it as an excuse if you have nobody to help you. Do not buy any videos or gimmicks that you see on the TV.

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