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my dog is preggo (pregnant) and my mom wants to kill the babies. do yall think thats wrong, and what should I do?

Answer #1

call your local shelter tell them the situation and that you don’t want the puppys they will #1 say bring the prago dog in when she’s closes to giving birth then they could take care of her and the pups till there old enuff and people can see the pups and stake clam to witch one they want. and you bring your dog home. #2 after she has them they mommy dog can take care of them till you can take them into the shelter young pups will be taken withen a week and have loving homes

Answer #2

ok first thing is that its illegal to kill animals unless your doing an abortion then thats not illegal but its crule like crule isnt the word for it I love animal! and to get my parents to change there minds I cry. so good luck I hope she doesnt do that :`(

Answer #3

Most vet’s will charge more for the spay during pregancy because it is a hight risk procdure. A lot more blood vessels and “clamping off”. Do you know who far the dog is? they carry for 63 days’ What kind of dog is the male and female?

Answer #4

Ugh- why are pet owners so irresponsible not to get their pets spayed/neutered?

Like Ty says, there’s not a lot you can do. Mum’s house, Mum’s rules. There is a lot of work and cost involved in taking care of pups before they are old enough to find homes. I can understand your mother not wanting to take on that kind of responsibility. Having said that, I hope now she’s going to be smart enough to get the dog spayed.

Answer #5

There’s not much you can do. I’m assuming it’s your mother’s house. I suppose you could try finding homes now. If you cant, she’ll probably just take her in for an abortion. My vet doesnt charge extra for an abortion that she does for spaying, so I doubt it will be that expensive. I consider it more cruel to have puppies running around on the street and dying of starvation, or the dogs and cats that are killed everyday at the shelter because no one wants them, than a dog having an abortion.

Answer #6

Nikkimouse- it is evil and yes dogs do die everyday, but just giving them away is not (sometimes) better then death, I see dogs and cats that were given to people and they could not afford the pet and the pet lives in pain and horriable conditions for there whole life. I will give you a example, about 2 weeks ago a man in his late 20’s early 30’s had a 10yr old mixed dog he got from a shelter about 4 years ago. He said it had a torn toenail, this dog came in with a Huge home made bandage around it’s back foot. The hair was so long and the skin was terriable. He was upset and I truly believed he loved his dog. We had to knock it to see what was going on. ALL of his nails on everyfoot were curled around twice and the back foot had the nails embedded in its bad and a horriable infection set it. We removed a toe, Now this dog was like this for over a yr. Not a good life and a $11.00 nail trim could have prevented this. The doctor gave him one H*ll of a deal because she knew he did not have much money, he came in the next day to have the bandged changed (for free) and was supposed to return for a recheck. We have never seen the man since. So with all that being said I do know how you feel Nikkimouse but I also don’t think this dog had a “better” life. I see the good the bad and the ugly where I work and I get so mad at the owners not the animal and my patient is the animal. That is my focus.

Answer #7

this is VERY cruel. abortion is wrong in any case. in my country we’re not allowed to have abortioins unless it’s an extreme case. I think your mom shuold just give them away. abortion is cruel and wrong its like killing the baby, and thats ridding of a life. it;’s WRONG.

Answer #8

Yes, to clarify, I was referring to stopping the puppies in a bag thrown in a lake scenario.

To go through a vet or a shelter would be perfectly fine.

Answer #9

It’s not cruel - it’s called thinking and using your head. If she doesn’t have the time or money to care for the puppies (Do you have any idea how much time and money it takes to care for the puppies before you can actually sell them), the she would be doing the right thing.

Answer #10

It’s old fashioned and considered kind of cruel nowadays. I’d try hard to get her to let you give them away. Most newspapers will let you place a free ad if you have free puppies. People snap puppies up. Get dramatic and cry if you have to. Save them pups!

Answer #11

Talk to herrr… tell herr theres a lot of people out there whod love to have a pet cry [make a scene] save the puppiess… give themm for a donation or sumthing

Answer #12

“To me this is like a young teen saying “I don’t know how I got pregnant” “ It was a accident” These are not hard accidents to prevent. “

Accident or Carelessness, that does not mean that she should be stuck caring for these puppies when she can not take care of them. Taking the dog to terminate the pregnancy would be the best choice if she can not care for them herself. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you can’t handle the situation and ending it. I’m sorry.

Answer #13

Yeah, right let the shelter do the dirty work…

Since the dog wasn’t taken in early and spayed, I doubt she’ll be taken in for an abortion…costs way more…

I don’t know what you can do to get your mom to “see” this situation the same way you do…but it would be better for the mama dog, to allow her to keep one pup, that you could find a home for…

I’m sorry, this is just something I could never do…tho people have been doing it since the beginning of time. Maybe mom will rethink this when the babies are born?? I hope so.


Answer #14

It depends - if she is planning on taking the dog to the vet and getting them to do an abortion on the animal - I see nothing wrong with that. Puppies take a lot of time and patience to deal with as you can not sell them right away. I see nothing wrong with her taking the animal to the vet and terminating the pregnany.

If she planning on doing it herself - that’s a whole ‘nother story. Stop her, talk her into taking that dog to the vet.

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Answer #16

Phrannie I could not agree with you more, Guess Mom should have thought about this when she never got the dog spayed and then it went into heat and somehow found a intact male and now we have a problem. A Vet will spay her and remove the Uturin Horns (this is where babies grow in a dog). I have seen many at work (don’t care for them) buy if you do it early enough, honestly the babies usually go as soon as we put the mother under anesthesia They are not moving when the blood vessels’ are clamped off they loose blood supply, I just wish your mother and other pet owners would be more aware of there pets. To me this is like a young teen saying “I don’t know how I got pregnant” “ It was a accident” These are not hard accidents to prevent. I hope everything turns out well for you and I hope your dog will be Ok.

Answer #17

Take the dog to the human society or at least try to give the puppies away. Puppies have a better chance of getting adopted when they are yound.

Answer #18

just give the babies to shelter and yeah dont kill them

Answer #19

your mom is very cruel you should give them away or give them to a humane society

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