I need a vet now!!!

My dog was attaked this morning by another dog. He got bit about 5 times in his front right leg. I think it is broken. He also got nipped once on his other front leg, and his back right leg. He is still bleeding a little bit, I dont know what to do for him. We live in a small leg, but there I no vet around for hours. What do I do to help him???

Answer #1

Then you get in the car and drive! Are you just going to let your dog suffer?? Take him to the vet!

Answer #2

well, you DO NOT need to be playing around on the computer, thats for sure. If your dog needs medical attention you get out and FIND someone.

Answer #3

Like ethmer said, call a vet so that they can guide you on what to do. Also, I don’t know if this will work, but if you have a human hospital or clinic around nearby, some of them are willing to help xray and fix your pet if necessary. A life is a life.

Answer #4

LOL mysterywolf…it would be nice if hospitals looked at it the way you do…”a life is a life”…but with out insurance, even people can’t roll in for treatment unless it’s life threatening…


Answer #5

Whether you live 6 hours from a vet or not, you are still going to have to go. And as for your comment…You’re welcome. :)

Answer #6

wrap his leg or wounds with tight tape ,or ace bandage to stop the bleeding,that will give you time to find a vet.

Answer #7

hey guys, just wanted to give another update. since I live in such a small town, as you all know now, there is no vet, once again, you know this already. but the vet from the nearest city, (which is hours away) comes to town every once in a while, and it just so happens that he came just a few days after the attak. we took my dog for a check up, and he has the proper medicine , and will be just fine now. even though it cost a fortune to get, its ok because any amount is worth paying for my dog! anyways, thansk for all the good advice :)

Answer #8

ok first of all, I cant drive, secondly, he is eating and drinking, he is going to be ok, I just wanted to know if I should put any anti-biotics on it, or just let it heal on its own, or what to do! plus, the nearest vet is almost 6 hours away, as if I am going to make him sit in a car for 6 hours!!! I dont even have a license, second of all, while my mother was looking after him, I was on google trying to find out how to wrap up his leg or something. if your not going to give me some useful advice, dont give me any at all. thanks for making me feel worse about it!!

Answer #9

If he’s eating and drinking…GOOD…if he’s standing, and using that bad leg, even just to brace himself to stand…GOOD…

Now…no matter what, you’re going to have to get him to a VET, just get those antibiotics you’re talking about…since he manged to live thru the dog fight, it’d be double damn shame to lose him to an infection…and those wounds WILL get infected. For the time being…keep the those puncture woulds open, and CLEAN…He’s going to be darn stiff in the morning…and probably not very willing to move…you’re going to have to help him into the car.


Answer #10

If his leg is broken, then you definitely need to get him to a vet. If it isn’t broken, then make sure all his wounds are clean then wrap them in cloth or bandages to prevent him from licking and picking at them.

It is natural for an animal to keep licking their wounds, but sometimes that slows down the healing.

I’d suggest that you at least call a vet and see what they have to say.

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Answer #11

thank you all for your advice I called a vet for help. his leg was not broken, when I posted this it was minutes after it happened, I was freaking out, anywho…he is doing a lot better now. he is eating, drinking, and even walking. I have been keeping the wound clean, and my friends dog got attaked to not long ago, so we used her cleaning stuff. I am happy to say, he is back to his old self, and I talkd to the vet again today, and she said he is going to be just fine. I just wanted to thank most of you for your help. but also , I want the ones who were rude to me to know, I am not some type of jerk who is cruel to my animals. I love that dog with all my life, and if jumping in a car to get to the vet was an option, I would have done it, trust me. I just wanted to clear that up. anyway, thanks a lot everyone :)

Answer #12

Ouch. The way I thought of it was that since she lives in what I’m assuming is the middle of nowhere due to the lack of any nearby vet, clinics and hospitals wont be as fussy in small towns.. If the owner could pay for the bills then why the heck not?

Answer #13

TAKE HIM TO THE VET IMMEDIATLY!!! would you do that to a little kid or your own child? its the same thing only they cant talk!!! they depend in you for EVERYTHING!

Answer #14

part of being a responsible pet owner is being able to properly care for the pet.. DIg bite wounds are always tricky. THey should never been sewn, sealed or bandaged. Bacteria can be trapped under the skin and can travel to differnt parts of your dogs body. Even though he is eating and drinking, there still be infection, increased scar tissue, as well as skeletal and muscle damage. YOur dog still needs to go to the vet, no excuses. Some vets actually make house calls.

NOt trying to be rude, I have seen several first hand. I worked in an animal hospital, had a dog of my own attacked by a rott, and I deal with dogs fights almost daily at my job. It is always better to be safe then sorry. THe dog should be checked.

Answer #15

Keep it clean, give him plenty of water, watch out for any signs of infection and see a vet asap

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