I'm scared...Am I anorexic??

hey…umm…well I didn’t know what topic to put this under but yea. My boyfriend, my family, and my friends are worried about me. They all think I might be anorexic. After ignoring the point of what theyre trying to tell me for many months…I’m starting to maybe believe it myself. Yea…I am in denial of the whole situation because I don’t want to make myself believe that I have an eating disorder. But now I’m starting to think differently…maybe I do. This may not be neccesary but for your information, I weigh 110 lbs and I am 5’9’’…I am 14 years old…about to turn 15 in a few months. I have considered asking someone for help or advice…but I’m too scared..I don’t want to get fat. I’ve been told I’m obsessive about counting calories…and not eating. I hardly eat at all because as it seems I have no appetite. I have no desire to start eating…I’m never hungry. Please give me some information if you can on anorexia or eating disorders because I would like to know if I am anorexic or not this is very serious please help me. I need advice soon. Thank you.

Answer #1

I have the same prob except no one has actully told me just my freinds keep taking glances at my lucnh at school cuase I have like only 2 things too eat

please fun advice me back

Answer #2

you, I like you! unlike the other girls on this site, you respect your body enough to know that something is not right.

now, from your description, you do sound very thin. I mean, yes, you are young, but 5’9” and 110?! yikes! sounds like something you should discuss with your doctor.

as for being anorexic, you would know if you were. there is a major difference between lacking an appetite and being anorexic. believe me, I don’t have much of an appetite either, but that does not make me anorexic in any way. I eat when I’m hungry, which is around 11 AM and about 6 PM.

if your family is worried about you, definitely assure them that you’re not anorexic. I’ve had to do that a few times just because I would suddenly drop 10 lbs.

best of luck!!

Answer #3

for 14 u r fine

Answer #4

I don’t think that you are anorexic.. yet!! If you continue this eating habit for another 2 weeks or so it WILL become serious. I would sugest that you go to a doctor now and see what they can do. It also sounds like you don’t want to be anerexic, which is good because girls(or boys) who are too skinny end up with unmanagable diseases and some do die. I think you should litsen to the people around you who love you and don’t want to see you hurt. Please get some help!

Answer #5

like when I was in 7th grade I was anerexic so like when I was anerexic I lost a whole bunch of whieght and at frist like when I stoped eating I was always hungery then it came down to that I didnt like to see or to smell food and then after a while I didnt know if my body was hungery cause my stomac stop grawwling and stuff then when my momo found out she got me help but sence I dint want to change it didnt work but then I found out that I was depressed and thts what was myy problem but if I was you I would get help if u are

Answer #6

I don’t think you’re anorexic. Anorexia is a mental illness, albeit one that projects onto your body very directly. It’s an addiction to lack of food, or an addiction to weight loss. You may have weight loss tendencies, but it’s the frame of mind that really defines anorexia. If you are scared and want to get better, then you probably will, though it will take work.

However, I’m not going to try and downplay the issue of calorie counting. Talk to your parents, friends and doctor, and ask for help before this becomes a life-threatening problem.

As for not getting overweight, it’s easy! Eat when you’re hungry, eat healthy, and excercise. All you need is some self-control. If you’re calorie counting, you probably have decent self-control, you just need to turn it around and use it for getting healthy again.

Best of luck, get better!

Answer #7

I am 14 also and I weigh 73 pounds, but I’m 4’11. I sometimes wonder that too.

Answer #8

people always used to say that to me, it really got to me in the end, just try eating normaolly or take upa sport… ok thats a dumb idea… i jus wanted to say you arn’t alone!

Answer #9

well u arnt eating so maybe be careful u kan die fron this disease

Answer #10

if youre not eating then start… it isnt healthy

Answer #11

It seems like you’re very light for 5”9. Try eating at the same time as somebody else, instead of walking away from meals.

Answer #12

u might want to go to the doctor…and ask to do it privately with someone you trust…but it never hurts to be sure

Answer #13

Ok, just because people say that you look anorexic does not mean you are, and doesn’t mean you should believe them. Anorexia is a disease that effects the way you percive yourself. This is called the distorted mirror image, when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a fat person when you are in fact skin and bones. Because you said “you do not want to GET fat” means that you don’t presently consider yourself fat. Anorexic people are always hungry because when they starve themselves to loose weight this gives them control over their body. You said that you are “never hungry” which implies that you have a loss for appetite issue rather than an anorexic one.

Their are ways of gaining weight without looking fat. By eating healthy foods and moderately exercising you are able to gain lean muscle which helps you to look healthier, stronger, and gives your face a healthy glow.

Certain reasons for loss of appetite can be stress, depression, anxiousness, medication or serious illnesses such as stomach cancer, tuberculosis, etc. If you have always been like this than try these few things to help you correctly eat throughout the day.
-eat small frequent meals and healthy snack that are high in protein and calories -Eat during periods of greatest appetite, rather than at set mealtimes. Be flexible. Eat whenever you feel hungry.

If your loss of appetite persists then try visiting your doctor, it may be something serious.

Remember that eating is important to your body because it feuls your energy. You are able to formulate clear thoughts, think up clever ideas, move around faster, and ultimately have a better appearence.

Answer #14

well you might suffer from anorexia, but not anorexia nervosa. The clinical term anorexia means loss of apetite, anorexia nervosa is to actually stavre yourself and obsess over being fat when in fact you are dangerously underweight. So if you say you’re never hungry, then you suffer from anorexia but not the thing you’re thinking of.

Hope I was helpful!

Answer #15

it seems you could be anorexic or heading to that soon. you do sound very underweight.

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