I'm hooked on that stupid book and i don't want to be.

UGH. Yes, the Twilight Series has once again captivated another reader. (aka me) and I'm just so sick those books, but I can't seem to put them down! all day I go around comparing guys in my grade to Edward Cullen and realizing that all of those guys SUCK in comparison. so I've got this crazzyy dream of meeting "my very own edward cullen," but I'M SMARTER THAN THAT. I know that in real life I'm not going to find anybody like that and that Edward is a f*cking fictional character in a stupid, addicting book!! and it's so annoying to have to be moping about all day wondering if the guy across from me is reading my mind. HAHA. and even as I type that I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but that doesn't stop me from wondering and dreaming about some guy who loves me!! and yeah, there's some nice, attractive guys in my grade who might even show some interest in me if I was the least bit interested in them!!! why don't they seem good enough?

and please reassure me about the guys not being perfect thing.

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just to let you know maddie1414...

once your hooked to some book, you will never stop being hooked to it..

I don't know why but I just think our minds crave for it..

I have this classmate whos so obsessed with a show prince of tennis and shes so obsesses with a character named fuji..

she even imagines herself sleeping with him and got wild when she saw an episode of fuji dating a girl..

some people may think its weird but to me its perfectly normal..

continue being hooked with twilight series..
if theres nothing wrong with it...

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