Is it legal to move in with my 21 year old boyfriend?

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm 17 and I have a 21 year old boyfriend. We both live in Texas. And we have been together for seven months. Which means we were together when I was 16. My parents hate us being together. I hate living at home with their constant negativity they have towards him. They bad mouth him constantly and I cannot take it any more. My sister doesn't support me at all either. She claims she will get my parents to press charges and get a restraining order on him. Can they do that without my consent?? Is there any way I can legally move out of my parents home without having to be emancipated? I've been doing research on it and I read that police will not take you home, they will just make you call your parents and tell them that you are okay and where you are.

My question is can I live with my 21 year old boyfriend and him not get arrested for housing me??

It's really getting to be unlivable at my house. I want out. My birthday is in September and I will be 18 then. 8 months seems like a really long time. Especially when I'm living in these conditions. I hardly even get to see my boyfriend. So is it at all possible for me to leave without their consent and live with my boyfriend??

A helpful reply would be greatly appreciated.

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OMG hunn.
I`m going threw the same situation as yu.
my mother is a beeetch.
I`m 16 years old & has been with my 20 year old man for 9 months now.
we used to live together for his co-op here at my place.
he had to move back to find a job because there was no sense in him finding a job here anymore & working for a month than moving back home & quitting right.
he is going back to college in january.
he just found a construction job & he is making 12 bucks an hour.
we don`t get to see eachother much.
I wanted to see him this weekend & he is allowd to come down to see me ,
but the only prob is .. my mom said no because I havent been attending school regularly.
I only have 8 credits & missing a lot of school.
apparently I havent been there for a week.. I dont see how that is when I went to school on monday & tuesday & half the day for wedensday.
im so upset.
she is putting me threw so much stress right now.
I've been searching the internet looking for the same question but in a different version & there were not enough helpful information.
my question is..
is it legal to move out at 16 & live with my 20 year old boyfriend withotu my parents being aware or without their permission?
can someone help me out here please.
I dont nkow too much bout the law :(
it blows!
me & my boyfriend love eachother so much & we are willing to do what it takes even if it takes 5 flippin years.
but I would still like to know about these things before I prepare to move on with my life.

- WEEZiiE ♥

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You only have two options. getting emancipated or waiting until you are 18.

The word "emancipation" literally means to become free from the control or restraint of another. In the context of emancipated minors, emancipation is essentially a legal procedure whereby children become legally responsible for themselves and their parents are no longer responsible (financially or otherwise) for their children. Thus, emancipated children are freed from parental custody and control and essentially become "adults" in many ways.

Parents generally have the legal right to custody and control of their unemancipated minor children. Parents can decide where their children will live, what school they will attend, what medical treatment they will receive, and what religion their children will practice. An emancipated minor, on the other hand, is free from such custody and control.

Emancipation in General

As soon as an individual turns 18 he or she legally becomes an adult and is automatically emancipated from such parental custody and control. Likewise, when a minor marries or joins the armed forces (with parental consent and permission from the court), he or she becomes emancipated from his or her parents.

Although in some states a minor can become emancipated simply by declaring himself or herself emancipated, in California a minor over the age of 14 has to petition the court and obtain a declaration of emancipation from a judge Ö a complex proceeding.

Some parts of the United States have quite liberal procedures. Louisiana and Puerto Rico, whose legal systems rely heavily on European law, allow parents to confer a limited form of emancipation on their children with very little interference from the judicial system. A number of states or regions such as Illinois and the Virgin Islands also allow an expedited form of emancipation with parental consent, although this legal procedure is only designed for older teenagers.

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No? because its your boyfriend but if you
are the of 17or 18 ye its legal because you
are to young but you do have to have an licences

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as long as you have a place to go and stay then you can move it.. by law in texas a 17 yr old can move out. i did and im 17.. but now im back at home :(

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So sorry I was arested at 17 3 months before my birthday! I moved out but the guy I moved in with was 22 BUT WERE MARRIED NOW! So to save on jail, court and all that drama hang in there

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My honest opion would be 2 just 2 wait just think you already 17...and if yo parents dont agree...You dont want 2 get him in trouble you know...Unless there cool with it but a couple more months wont hurt 2 here alil mouth

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ok well you posted this 12 months ago as I see. but by now get the hell out your house your parents caint do none bout it any more...
god knows wats best for you.

P.S. god bless you!

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well im sorry to say this but the best thing to do I think is too wait 8 months if your love for eachother is strong you guys will make it and why move ? yes you have drama at your house but it will get even worse if you just leave your parents they will just get even more upset... I say the best thing is to wait.. im 16 almost 17 in august my boyfriend is 18 and I have to wait more thann 8 months for me to be able to be with him.. but I think I would rather wait because even more problems will come .. sooo girl just wait it out ,, this will be like a test to see how strong your love really is for him if it lasts more than 8 months than wow move in with him but you never know you might be able to see the real him just wait ok =] you'll be fine!!

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i dont think that your relationship is bad at all. i am turning 17 and my boyfriend is turning 22, 8 days before me..and we get along great. we hope to start a family and move in together as soon as im out of school. i have one more year left. he is planning on going into the navy soon too, so i am going to be alone for a while. i think that will only bring us closer. but no..i dont think what you are doing is bad at all.

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everyone is saying "wait till your 17 so your parents cant drag you back" but if your 16 and leave and your parents LET you leave, and WONT drag you back, can you?

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If you really want to be with him , and live with him get married in Maryland the law there is more leinent , And if you have anymore questions about this email me at (No public emails ok.) make the subject marrage so i know , i can provide you with more info , and maybe you can help me out as well , thank you for your time

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They will arrest him for statutory rape...without a doubt unless in texas the state consent law is 17...then they might just only get him for kidnapping..and trust me, moving out on your own at 17 isnt easy.

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If you leave without your parents consent, you could get summoned to a "CHINS" petition. Its something they do in VA for kids if they are away from the parents home. Im not sure if thats how they do it where you are at. The thing I do know is that you would more than likely be considered a run away in the eyes of court and it will just be a really long mess you dont want to have to deal with. The last thing you want to hear is, stick out whatever is going on until your 18, but honestly, it sounds like the best solution.
If things are really as bad as you say and the conditions are hard, then how about going to social services and seeing what helpful solutions they can provide for you?

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of you do this your paretns will be able to call the police on your boyfriend claiming kidnapping and they can take you back home becos you are under 18 so you are their responsibility until you turn 18, no matter what you tell them they can force you to stay at home until you move out, 8 months isnt a long time at all, if your boyfriend loves you and is committed to you only then he will wait for you to turn 18 so you can move out. But there has to be a reason for them not to like him, does he treat you right? I hope he is worth losing your family for.

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Yea It Is Illegal My ex-boyfriend went to jail for stagitory rape even though we didnt have sex just because hes 21 and anway if you did screw him he'd go to jail for 21 years for haveing sex with a minor

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in the state of texas you can move out at 17... your an adult but you can't vote and what not.. but yes you can because I did when I was 17

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YESSS!! well I'm not sure how the laws are like in texas because I live in NYC, but if it was NYC it would be illegal, but the only way the authorities would find out is if it is reported by somebody. If your parents care that you move in with him than they would most likely report you , so talk to them first or try to compromise something.

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Ok, all you guys in the same situation, take it from me, living with your boyfriend from such a young age is not all that it's cracked up to be. It may seem like a wonderful idea now, but many years from now, you will look back on it with regret.
The way I se it, there are two issues here. You don't feel like your family supports your decisions and you want to get away from them. I understand. You should seek a more supportive environment. Do you have any relatives you can move in with you will let you see your boyfriend? Trust me, as wonderful as he may be, your boyfriend will not take care of you like you think he will. Life is very hard and complicated. It's even harder when you're young because people will try to take advantage of you. Then you will be a victim and you will be all alone. Get yourself a solid support system. Talk to a school counsellor, therapist, anyone who works in the field of helping people. Tell someone - don't ever suffer alone.
As far as being in a committed monogamous relationship with your boyfriend goes, that's your choice and your business. Moving in together after seven months of dating though is a bit hasty even for adult standards. A good relationship always stands the test of time. You don't need to live together to be together. Think about what is best for you and what you want to make of your life. Do you want a university degree? Do you want a good carreer? Focus on getting yourself set up for the real world. The more you know, the better off you'll be. Remember, nobody hands you anything on a silver platter in this world - you have to work for it. If your boyfriend loves you, he will support anything you want to accomplish. Good luck!

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this aint help full but you are gona have to wait.. 8 months is a long time expecially whwn your waiting for somthing..
this just also sounds like the story of my birth. my mom was the same age as you and her and mydad had been daing since she was 15. ironicly her birthday was also in september. so she had a little me and got her dumb ass out of the house. my mom and dad aint to gether. I know neither of them well . and do not know my brother at all.
no to scare you but jus dont do that.. but look up texas law and see if you can.. consent age in kentucky is 13 and it really conservative probably more than texas.

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As long as you're 17 you don't have a choice, unless you're emancipated. And if you are emancipated it would be legal to move in with him but it's illegal if you have sex with him. I don't think it'd be smart moving in with him cause it would cause too many problems, legally and with your parents. I think you should stick it out for a while. Tell your parents you decided not to move in with him at least until you're 18. In my opinion I wouldn't even do it then. If you wanted to get married and stuff and you feel like he could handle it financially, sure, go for it. That's way cool! But do what you want

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