I hate my reading class

Ok iam a freshman ad I have a intensive reading class this year ad I hate it I have issues with almost every1 in that class and I hate the assignments it so gayyy...what should I do? Lately I just went home for that class and come back when it over I know thats not right idea but hey thats why iam asking

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Maybe try to resolve the issues that you have with some of your classmates & make friends with them, that should make the class more fun. If you hate the assignments maybe you could talk to your teacher and ask him/her to give you alternative assignments.

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You should speak to your classmates and your teacher to resolve this issue.
If you don't like the assignments, speak to your teacher and ask him/her if there are different assignments you can do. You can't just drop out. You have to ride it out and try to get along with the classmates.
We all have it to where we hate a class, but, we just can't fail and say, I'm going to drop out or something to that effect. I wish you luck and try to solve this issue.

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