What kinds of spiders live in new jersey?

What kinds of spiders live in new jersey and cause redness iching swelling?

Answer #1

I have lots of spiders…God knows I do not know what kind, but a spider with yellow & orange spots and is brown sounds to me like a young black widow spider no matter how pretty it sounds the other people who post better be aware.

Answer #2

I just got over being bit by a spider I live in south jersey there are definately poisonous spiders in new jersey my entire leg from the knee down was swollen my legs would get stiff I didn’t move it for a minute or to I had a dark brown lump on my leg about 4 or five inches round and now I have an off colored indent where I was bitten so I would say that you can get just alittle more than an itchy bug bite from some spiders in new jersey

Answer #3

It seems that not too many people have done their homework before answering this question. There are in fact venomous spiders in NJ.

While some are not dangerous to humans, there are a few that have caused serious bites and complications. Also it depends on the person and if they happen to be sensitive to the venom.

Use your common sense when around spiders, and if you are bit, take suggested action, and for GOD’s sake, educate yourself!


Answer #4

I thank God I never seen a real poisonous spider, but I was bit by something that left dark marks on my thigh no major reactions as I count my blessings…It also bit my mom in NY and I live in NJ…So did I bring a spider with me to NY? Uwww-Yuck, and I read a post about someone seeing a pretty brown spider with red and orange spots & to tell you the truth that sounds like a young black widow they get blacker as they mature or perhaps that was a young male black widow & they’re not poison, the females are. Female black widows have a red hour glass on their lower part or center which indicates “ I am a damn poison spider” do not mess with me!

Answer #5

Their are poisonous spiders that live in Jersey. The Brown Recluse Spider is one of them. Daydreamer13 you need to do more research.

Answer #6

Call the local Conservation Office. I wouldn’t count on there not being any that can not make you sick. You never know about imported either.

Answer #7

The most they can do is give you a bug bite, I don’t know any that are poisenous. My biggest problem with them are their legs! ewww… =]

Answer #8

Today my son caught a spider in my kitchen and it was definitely a brown recluse it was a young one, of course he squished it. I was so nervous. Later in the evening I was outside my kitchen door on the patio and another brown recluse was hanging down from the overhead roof I turn on a light and there was tons of them! Little babies! And a few bigger ones! I bought raid lawn and garden and they wouldnt die right away. And there were at least 20 in my kitchen really high up in the corners. There must of been a nest! EWWW! I am terrified of spiders but the brown recluse gives me nightmares! A few years ago my friends daughter was bit by one on her arm and now she is left with a huge indentation from it (after being hospitalized for two weeks) So YES THERE DEFINITELY IS POISONOUS SPIDERS IN JERSEY! Be careful!

Answer #9

Black widow do live in New Jersey. I live in Bergen county and last July 08 we had a web by our front door. As for recluses they do live in Jersey as well. Brown recluse like dark places, attics, garages etc. Just be alert and careful. Ever state has poisonous spiders.

Answer #10

I killed a spider in northern nj the otherday the spider looked like a brown recluse except it was 1 and 1/4 in it had orange and yellow dots on its back anthe dots formed a perfect cross the legs were also colered dots really a beautiful spider coiudnt capture it had to euthinize it never had seen such a pretty spider what was it mb

Answer #11

Just a heads up,Brown recluse do NOT spin web at all!!! They are a predator that run after there food(not by catching it in a web like your everyday spider.They hide during the day and hunt for there food at night.If you have one in your home you will most likely no because they will get stuck in a sink(they cant climb out of slippery surfaces) They will hide anywhere they can till they hunt when the house is quiet.They have a violin shape on the rear end(its very noticeable)! I mistook a funnel weaver spider for a brown recluse-very similar spiders-minus the violin mark.

Answer #12

please ignore the dumb people that tell you there are no poisonous spiders in NJ - that is FALSE and hopefully you have figured that out with other posts. We do have the Brown Recluse, and even the Black Widow - both of which are poisonous. They are rare, and both avoid human contact when possible, but they are here.

Answer #13

Are you all kidding me? I really hope the person didn’t go out looking for spiders because there are multiple poisonous spiders in NJ. And not just in the farmlands, in the cities too, I live in Bergen County, one of the most if not THE most densely populated areas of NJ and I know of 2 poisonous spiders, the brown recluse, which is all over my backyard and the black widow, not sure exactly where in the state but there are.

Answer #14

The two poisonous ones in NJ are the Brown Recluse (uncommon, but I saw on in my house today, I’m not even joking) and the Black Widow (there was one on my bike when I was cleaning it yesterday).

Answer #15

I’ve caught 2 brown recluses in my apartment so far,They come out mostly when it’s dark and quite..Me and the wife were watch a late night move when a recluse scurried out from under our couch freakin her out and she almost give me a heart attck!!!…So yes they do live among us jereyens as for the black widow I’ve heard only rumors…Nothing concrete…

Answer #16

BLACK WIDOWS DO LIVE IN NNNJJJ!!! I SAW 2. 1 WAS ON my friends baby brother and anotherone wason the floor. they are here!!! but I dont know about brown recluses

Answer #17

Yeah, please do a little less daydreaming and a little more consulting with sources that actually know what they’re talking about before you go spouting off erroneous advice concerning the health and well being of others. When considering whether to offer “advice” in the future, first ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen to someone if I’m wrong?” If the answer is even close to “bad things”, do the responsible thing and zip it. Remember, it’s far worse to give bad advice than it is to give no advice at all.

Answer #18

I live in the Pine Barrens. We have Male and Female Wolf Spiders, Brown Recluses and Black Widows. I just caught a Black Widow the other night …put it in a jar to see the underside and it hd a distinct red fiddle on it’s underside. I’ve been bitten twice by Wolf Spiders. Is time landed me in the hospital with blood poisoning from the bite. Second time it took about a month to heal. I have scars from both. Brown recluses are worse. They bite..and their venom causes the tissue to become necrotic (meaning the tissue dies and turms black). im a nurse and the recluse bites can become extremely large wounds taking up the majority of an adults foot, calf, leg (wherever bitten) They can be very dangerous to small children and the elderly. Go to Brownrecluse.com to see some photos of how bad those bites can be. As for Black Widows…do I need to say more?

Answer #19

There are both common non-poisonous spiders as well as poisonous spiders in the state of New Jersey.

Here is a list of some of the common spiders in New Jersey:

  • yellow garden spider
  • Funnel Weaver or Grass Spider
  • Orb Weavers
  • American House Spiders

Here is a list of poisonous spiders in New Jersey:

  • northern black widow spider
  • brown recluse spider
  • wolf spider
  • yellow sac spider

If you get bitten by one of these poisonous spiders than you should take a picture of the spider and go to the emergency room, immediate care center, or your primary doctor as soon as possible to minimize your reaction to the bite.

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