How can I deal with hating high school?

I can’t take high school anymore and I’m only a freshman. It’s so stressful and it’s pissing me off. I joined some clubs and got new friends, but I’m losing my old ones. Right now I think high school is just one big drama fest. I’ve made so many mistakes already and I don’t know if I can handle it anymore. Please help…IN ANY WAY! :(

Answer #1

Im a junior. I just lost a friend. Actually I kinda got rid of her to tell the truth. She just wasnt a true friend. Well. Freshman year always sucks! It did for me, I know that. Believe it or not, it actually gets better. Just keep your new frinds, and move on. I KNOW its hard, but trust me, there are worse things that happen. My ex-friend is now saying stupid stuff about me with her”new” friends. Like 2. But yeah, stuff that has never happened, and that doesnt make sense. She’s just jealous that I have more friends than her I guess. I just laugh her off, becase I know shes a jealous person and just a child if all she does is talk about me. Im more mature than that. But yeah, it will get better, even if it seems like it really wont. It will. Good Luck!

Answer #2

yup freshman year was the toughest! I had to go to a school where I knew absolutley no one but I got used 2 it and u will too. just give it some time and everything is going to work out. Now im a junior and I love going to school, not the actual classes of course, but I really look foward to just being able to hang out with my friends. it always gets better with time.

Answer #3

im not in high school yet but my siblings have told my everything about it. freshman are the most hated in the whole school. they are trying 2 get a good reputation and no1 really tolerates them cause they are trying to make a new image. One of my sisters got torn away from an old friend. the people that she was hanging out with told her that her old friend wasnt cool and not to hang out with her. if thats the case dont listen. u became her friend 4 reason and they probaly dont no. so dont let older kids manipulate u cause your a freshy

Answer #4

All of us go through hard times - if you don’t want a future of low wages - lower-scale jobs - overall, poor quality of living, I’d dust myself off, get motivated and do it for me/my future…I wish you the best !!

Answer #5

oh my god I feel the same way im also a freshman and cant stand it already lost a friend , rumors, and more drama. I cant stand it I just want to get it over with but still have 3 more years it sucks I just want to quit.

Answer #6

Its not HighSchool the problem, its your friends. They are the ones being drama queens. Ither ignore them or if they really cared for you they should know not to cause so much drama. Or just leave them be and move on, eventually maybe they will come back dragging themselves to you.

Answer #7

hey relax u hear me..shyt happens I’ve been through so many things couldnt imagine..freshman year is the hardst year..everyone makes mistakes just learn from them and always love yourself everything will get bettr you are still young hang in there buddy..and always know that there are peopl in the wotld who care write me back if u want some advice

Answer #8

Every year usually has its theme, and freshman year usually is the drama and change year. But just remember that everyone in your grade and all grades above you, plus graduates, felt the same way (although different levels and different forms) and they just stuck with it. Many dropouts felt the same way too, only they gave in. And in case anyone jumps on that, I don’t mean all dropouts wimped out. I’m just saying sometimes that happens, and don’t give up.

Answer #9

High School can be a pretty bad place. Its rather strange, because its like a world of its own - often stuff which can happen there just simply would not happen or make any sense in the outside world. Whenever I reflect on High School, I’m reminded of part of the tagline to a movie called “Cry Wolf”:

“Its High School… Nothing Is Real”

Forget the drama and just concentrate on your studies - remember, its what you’re there for and what your future depends on. As you progress through High School, those that are all about the drama and neglect their studies fall by the wayside (you do not want to get stuck with them) and the others progress. It gets better, just hang in there!

Answer #10

I know exactly what your going through…I HATED high school I was always ditching school and getting high. I wanted to drop out so many times just cause I did’ent like school but I just stuck it out. untill I got pregnant in my softmore year at 5months pregnanat I stopped going my mom did’ent care. But now I regreat it! This year would of been my last year…So I think you should just finish school you only got 3 years left. Trust me you dont want to be a drop out.

Answer #11

suck it up. im a freshman too.

Answer #12

I hated every minute of my four years of high school. Every friend I thought I had turned out to be fake (a few exceptions of course), kids picked on me, etc…

but you know what?

They ended.

I’m so glad my family didn’t let me drop out. Those days seem so distant now…

Being an adult is so much more fun.

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