I got fingered and gave a hand job and head and then got fingered

im only fourteen and I got fingered gave head and I got fingered again . im not sure if he ame or not because although he says he did I didnt taste or feel anything different in my mouth . after I gave him head I gave him a wank and he fingered me again. this was only yesterday .but im freaking out incase I am pregnant please help me and write back soonn

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your not pregnant unless his cum some how got in your pussy.and 9times outta 10 if he came in your mouth you'd know my ex got mad everytime even if it was just alittle bit of cum

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1. you can taste a difference in just a peni$ and cum... and 2. you can NOT get prego from swallowing someones cum! it has to be through penatration

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You can not get pregant if a guy cum's in your mouth.

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