I gave him a blow job and we both liked it!!!

Ya’ll might now me from he asked me out and I am 13 and the perfect guy is right in front of me…

to get to the point I gave him a blow job he is hung like a horse and he has a real nice body ohh I gave him the blow job because I wanted to and we kissed like KISS and he kissed my neck then I headed south and we don’t act weird around eachother after I gave him the blow job but we are more comfertable we just kiss a little more so should I have sex with him on my fourteenth b-day

when I gave him the blow job moth him and I like it I stroked the base of his penis in the same rythm of my mouth as it went up and down and the way he look at me it sends a tingle down my back it like suductive look it is hot and we are even more comfertable with eachother but we kiss more

I love him soo much and he loves me soo much and we both loved the bj should I give him another

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Answer #2

well im 16 and its pretty weird reading bout a 13 year old girls sex life.lol. but I guess oral is alright if ya’ll are okay with it. but please just wait for sex

Answer #3

do what you what but like your other comments say i dont think a 13 year old should be doing this later

Answer #4

your 13 years old thats just umm wrong..my sister had sex at 13 and she had a kid she loves her son but she wishes she could have had the child when she was older…

Answer #5

Blow jobs are AMAZIN! I am 13 year young boy and ma girlfriend always gives me a blow lol and she gets pleasure back all the time aswel! carry on wiv da bj’s an that (gys love itt) but I wuldnt go in2 sex yet, you have 2 remember SEX MAKES BRAND NEW LIFES! Hope dis helped ! :)

Answer #6

ugh…you are 3 years older than my little daughter. I think I just threw up a little.

Answer #7

if you want to your choice.

I feel so stupid reading all theese comments.

but the whole sex thing - ull only be 14 make sure your ready and that her is too check it’s not the only reason your in the relationship and make sure you use protection - pill wud be a hard thing to get at 14.

Answer #8

You shouldn’t have sex with him because if your not old enough to take and handle the consequences of sex then the only other choice is absitence - avoiding it completley.

Answer #9

go ahead but make sure you guys are protected

Answer #10

You’re a year older than my little sister. You are way too young to be doing this stuff. You aren’t going to want hear this but it won’t last, you’re too young to be mature about it. I’m 17 and I’ve only just started giving head to my boyfriend and sleeping with him. Do NOT have sex yet, you’re body isn’t ready for it even if you are.

Answer #11

no hunny your going to get hurt really badly.

Answer #12

Do whatever you want to do, your just going to get hurt soon. Its sick thinking/hearing about a 13 year old girl doing this by the way!

Answer #13

dont have sex yet but go ahead with the bjs!!! sex is a stupid thing! wait till your like 16!

Answer #14

if you want to du it again then you shuld…!!! lol

Answer #15

I would wait till your 15 birth day

Answer #16

look.. I was barely 13 when I first had sex..and yeah almost everyone on here said you are going to get hurt. and yes I did get hurt. but not because he just left me but because he felt bad cause I was too young. blowjobs are fun..but just because you have sex dont mean your going to get pregnant. just be smart about it. and talk to it to your boyfriend. do what you want to do. having sex that early made me realize I needed to wait awhile and it helped me mature. but just think about it before you do anything. if you wanna keep giving blowjobs then go ahead just be careful.im mean I can give you an example..im 16 and have a kid. its not what you want in life. trust me..I thought I was being smart then poof here was bently in my life. I love my son to death but sometimes I wish I would of been smarter. so just be careful is all I can say

Answer #17

okay um. first of all, you shouldn’t be doing that sort of stuff period. Even thinking about haveing sex at only the age of thirteen? NO WAY! You are way too young, and not mature enough to handle the consequences. If you want to give him blow jobs and handjobs go ahead, but avoid sex, your chances of getting pregnant are high. Havent you even thought about these things. Could you handle it if he broke up with you soon after? Anyways, has he pleasured YOU yet? What I mean is, has he ate you out? Find alternatives, things other than sex. There is 69, fellatio(blowjob), cunnilingus(him eating you out), and dry humping. Sure give him another blow job, but fon’t have sex, that would be a big mistake.

Answer #18

Keep with the bjs im 14 year young girl and I gave my man bj and he liked it then we had sex and he left me so

BJS YES SEX HEEELLL NO hun be smart 1 out of 5 condoms brake 23.8% chance you will get pregnat and end up like me have a 1 yr old son and no hhelp from “daddy”

Answer #19

just so you know 1/5 condoms break so even if you use one you have 20% chance of getting pregnant[and thatif you put it on completely right, chance are you wont]

so unless youre ready for a baby, id say it prbobly isnt a good idea…

Answer #20

wth ! yes you can get pegg from doing it from the butt ! hello the cum runs down to the va-jay-jay

Answer #21

wth ! yes you can get pegg from doing it from the butt ! hello the cum runs down to the va-jay-jay

Answer #22

be young while ya can, it all goes down hill from here

now onto the BJ topic ! its supposed to be good for both partners, it feels great for him, once you listen to him and ask what he likes, and for the other partner it feels good, its hard to describe how it feels for the giver, but either way its an intimate, pleasurable and enjoyable experience for both partners, once ye listen to each-other, find out how to push eachothers buttons(for the want of a better word) and try to make it enjoyable for one another, it can be really rewarding, :-D

…talking about underage sex, there is a legal age for intercourse, because young people are not ment to be having sex, because they are not anywhere near emotionally ready for that kind of thing, to be honest I prob should have waited(I lost my virginity when I was 19, and had no sexual contact other than kissing until then) clearly young people arent ment to have sex until they are much older and better capable to handle an emotional, physical and mental roller-coaster that is…SEX its a huge step to take and at your age, in my opinion, you guys are way too young to even be thinking of these kind of things,

kids, (I get to call you kids because im nearly 20 and I’ve been there) be young while ya can, have fun with your friends, be carefree and have no responsiblitys(such as the BIG responsibility that comes 9 months later which involves a trip to the hospital), young people today are growing up way too fast and learning things that they certainly dont need to know…THATS WHAT COILLEGE IS FOR !!!

Im going to end on a final note, ungerage sex = bad, :-) Slán

Answer #23

ok well I am 14 and I havent had sex …yet but now a days its no big deal 13 and 14 years olds do it all the time so go ahead have fun and be protected… have fun slut! joke

Answer #24

First off, you’re too young to be giving your boyfriend blowjobs. If you continue, one time the bj will get hotter and hotter and he will want to have real sex with you. Then you run the risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a STD. At 13, you’re too young and immature to have a baby. However, if you do have sex, please, PLEASE have him wear a condom at least. Also remember, many times condoms break and semen can seep over the top therefore you can still get pregnant. To be fully protected, you need your boyfriend wear a condom and YOU need to be on birth control pills. But at the end of the day, you’re just simply too young to be giving blowjobs or having sex! Period!

Answer #25

never ending dreams you are retarded 5 out of every 100 condoms break not one out of every 5… im a guy I would know and to answer your question trust me you are too young im 15 and am not even worried about doin that with my g/f I mean just mess arounf with him an 69 and stuff but sex at thirteen should be out of the question… and btw if you use a condom, go to your gynecologist and get birth control pills, and then use good family planning (have sex a few days after your period so theres no egg there) then you should be basically 100 percent protected… this is all coming straight from my schools guidance counselor… but I think you are too young im just telling you this because I know that things happen sometimes so you should at least have some facts to help you… hope this helps u :)

Answer #26

Do you want a baby?

yes: have sex no: don’t have sex

stick to blow jobs and eating out =)

Answer #27

just give blow jobs but stick your mouth on it and suck it a lot untill her cums

Answer #28

bj is ok sex oh hell no

Answer #29

13 is really young, it depends on how mature you are. I still agree that 14 is WAY too young, im 17 and only just got there a lil while ago. I suggest you wait, pleasure eachother orally and finger etc. making out and stuff is lots of fun and all, but if you want to build a relationship keep it less considering your age. wait until your ready. youll know it when you are.

Answer #30

You might think this is a good idea right now but later on you and him might break up and then you might regret not waiting for the “right guy” like I did…but if your okay with you more then likely getting hurt in the end then go for it =]

Answer #31

well if you two have talked about having sex and all that stuff, and you both agree. then you should go for it. but just make sure its safe. :)

Answer #32

if you wanna go ahead

Answer #33

if he loves you and you love him… I saw wait. @ least till your absolutely and 100% sure that he’s the one

Answer #34

do it

Answer #35

You are now only 13! 14 is only 1 year older…you can’t possibly be ready for sex…nor mature enough for it…Just wait…

Answer #36

Im old. My little cousin who is 14 told me she gave a guy a bj. Like you. I dis like it . But if thats what they feel is right . Go for it but think about it. YOu are so young for this !

Answer #37

I think that your WAY TO YOUNG! to be even thinking about having sex. Its definetly not a good idea. Its a possiblitliy that you could get pregent, even if you use protection. I dont think you should have sex until you are at least 16 and thats still pushing it because its still young. I would say that 18 is a safer age to have sex

Answer #38

dont have sex. you are only 14. if this guy is the perfect guy for you then he can respect your decision of waiting until you are old enough to handle the consequences. you are way too young to be doing all of these things. trust me. im 17 right now and when i think about how i used to think about sex and related topics in middle school, i was so immature and had no idea how serious and delicate this situation is. trust me if you ahve sex with him, you will regret it at some point in your life. your virginity is something sacred. dont give it away to just anyone.

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