What feels better boys, blow job or hand job?

Guy only please, girls can say what there boyfriend likes the better too :)
So yeah, which one do you like getting better/what feels better? Thanks y'all, please answer ! :)

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blowjob all the way

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well I like both, I like getting a blow job at first, but then after a while she give me a hand job to finish, but I would have to say a hand job

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honestly they both feel really good... blow job gets them more into it and a hand job gets us excited and anxious

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Blow jobs feel better if the girl can do it. If you can ever finish a blow job then that will probably feel better. But if you have to keep stopping then stick with the hands... My personal opinion...

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ok well I love it when my boyfriends give me a blowjob! I mean its amazing. hand jobs hurt after a while and boys are use to jaking them selfs off because they know what speed and how hard to grab. but when someone els does it its not the same :D lol just a gay guys point of veiw!

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I just texted my boyfriend and he said definitely a hand job—that's mainly because my jaw locks up when I keep my mouth open too long and have to stop sometimes...plus it's easier to make him cum with my hands. I think most guys will say that a blow job sounds good though. I know I'm not a guy but I had a guy to talk to!!

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Getting blown nothing beats the sensation the view and the intimacy of a woman going down on me. Although we usually take longer to come while getting blown and can come in like 3-4 minutes from hand stimulation so you can combine the two together if you find your mouth getting tired or don't wanna spend all day on it.

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