I don't want my family to find out...

but I’m gonna do stripping I think…because im moving in a couple months and I need money really bad so I can get my cna and all the stuff for the move but I live with my parents so they cannot find out!

Answer #1

ahh I meant 18 to work as a bartender in fl too [correction] killing me.

Answer #2

getting your cna is not that expensive and once you stsrt stripping youre gonna forget about cna so get your priorities straight

Answer #3

yeah don;t tell them

Answer #4

sooo about the asking your advice if I should do it…I didn’t ask that. thanks…I asked for excuses why am I going out this night why am I going out that night…and trust me I have 2 jobs right now the econmy sucks sooo bad that all the money I make goes to those bills..thanks.

Answer #5

if you don’t want them finding out then don’t tell them. ah durr durrr

Answer #6

You are all being so rude. She asked for a simple question, not your opinions. Do you live with your parents? I do not think it is that hard to hide. All you have to do is make up an excuse to go out every night…if you are old enough to be a stripper than you should be old enough to do what you want without your parents being nosy about it. If they ask where you have been going every night, tell them, out with friends, trying to get a job, etc. Hope I helped.

Answer #7

stripping isnt the only option you have you know its only right if the place you work at is legall, if your being treated fairly, and if your happy with showing your body to stangers and getting paid for it its nort a good job for a girl whos just in it for the money because if you dont like what your doing, then its going to be difficult to talk about it to your partners in the future if you want to start it, only do it because you want to otherwise try getting another job or work out other ways to make money because theres a lot more options that just strippping

Answer #8

never do something you don’t want people to find out about. especially the family. try waiting tables in an upscale resturaunt. I”m from a small town and I’ve had friends make $500 a night. or try bartending. they make just as much.

Answer #9


You chastise us for our opinions while advising her to lie to her parents? Why didn’t you also tell her to get a false ID card so that she can work in a strip-club. You have to be 21 to work in them and she isn’t.

Also, if you read the “Question” carefully, you will see that it isn’t a Question but rather is a statement. It is therefore open to lots of opinions (if it doesn’t get deleted).

I don’t know what a “cna” is but I do know what the majority of strippers are. They are women with low self-esteem who choose to perform in front of men as the objects of their fantasies and “potential” sex-toys. The majority of them also end up as drug addicts and prostitutes.

Pros: Maybe make a lot of money.

Cons: A “negative” lifestyle that tends to lead you into harms way.

Alternative: Become a waitress in a quality restaurant where tips would be good. Another alternative, when she becomes 21, is to learn bar-tending.

There are probably many jobs that she could get now that would be “pluses” on future job resumes.

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Answer #10

you can be 18 to work in a strip club in fl and you can also be a bartender in fl at the age of 21 god you all are killing for not being so open minded! bahhhahahaha.

Answer #11

Sounds like you have already made up your mind. Once you get into the club, get to know a few of the girls and see if this is helping their lives at all. It never does, it usually ruins girls’ lives. Binge drinking, drugs, dbag boyfriends, mutually exploitive relationships, bastard kids, evictions, repoed cars, DUI’s, ruined credit, etc. Strippers usually leave broke and addicted to the fast cash, the attention and the drugs. Your parents finding out might sem like a disaster, but it will be the least of your problems once you get into it.

Answer #12

I wasn’t aware that you could bartend in some states at 18 even though the drinking age is 21.

Minimum Age to Bartend AL - 21 AK - 21 AZ - 19 AR - 18 CA - 21 CO - 18 CT - 18 DE - 21 DC - 21 FL - 18 GA - 18 HI - 18 ID - 19 IL - 18 IN - 21 IA - 18 KS - 21 KY - 20 LA - 18 MA - 18 ME - 18 MD - 18 MI - 18 MN - 18 MS - 18 MO - 21 MT - 21 any - 19 NV - 21 NH - 18 NJ - 18 NY - 18 NM - 21 NC - 21 and - 21 OH - 21 OK - 21 OR - 21 PA - 18 RI - 18 SC - 21 SD - 18 TN - 18 TX - 18 UT - 21 VT - 18 VA - 21 WA - 21 WV - 18 WI - 18 WY - 21 * Indicates Stricter Cities of 21


        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #13

well I dont think your wrong and everyone who is being negative is just plain stupid I used to be an escort now just think about this if your parents found out would you be mad would they be mad dissapointed maybe see to me idc as long as what im doing im not ashamed of it then im good but then again theres also the privacy issue every1 has the right to it also everyone has the choice to do what they want and I say if you do start stripping girl do it with confidence and proud kuz your not doing worse I was never ashamed when I was an escort so why should you be ashamed? anywayz if you wanna talk message me

Answer #14

You have asked the same question about 4 different times and we all (mostly all) say the same thing every time - that you are better than that and should aim higher as it is a degrading job. If you are going to keep defending your decision and not lsiten to our advice then go ahead and do it. We get it now - you want to get your clothes off and make money. I personally don’t think you will go ahead with it and are all talk but good luck regardless.

Answer #15

Why dont you want your parents to find out. Oh wait maybe because it is not moral, and no person with any self-respect would put there body’s out there for guys to get all horny over. Plus sorry but I remeber you posted one of this ?’s earlier and said that it was about your friends looks like someone is ashamed.

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