I can not sleep

I usually get to bed around 11:30, but from then it takes me forever to fall asleep. I do not even feel tired at all. If it makes a difference I am 13, going on 14. I am under some stress, and am going through some rough times… So basically what can I do to fall asleep faster?

Answer #1

Try reading a book? That always gets me in the “tired” mood. =)

Answer #2

Going to a doctor is not an option. I have an extreme fear of them.

Answer #3

if you can sleep with music you should sleep with soft music if you like that kind of music. thats what I do. it might help. I hope it helps you.

Answer #4

I don’t really listen to soft music, and it would distract me most likely. I would probably be singing along…lol. Thanks though! ;)

Answer #5

I have the same problem…it seems that I’m always thinking about too many things. Try doing things that will get you tired…I always like doing my homework and I end up falling asleep on it LOL.

Answer #6

That is a good idea, but I have done all of my homework. lol. Yeah, my mind gets really busy. I began stressing, and crying. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, but usually it just keeps me up.

Answer #7

dont sleep when you get home from school!!!I always make that mistake and sleeping on your stomach helps…reading…and ask your mom about this herbal stuff called melotonin I take it every night and it helps

Answer #8

I have the same problem, and it just seems like it all gets worse every night, eh? but I usally take some asprin and cry myself to sleep…and by like 2am im asleep lol probably didnt help much but try some basic tylonal (sry for bad spelling) or asprin and you should be able to go to sleep at leat a little earlier & easier

Answer #9

Whatintheworld,,,normally I suggest melatonin to the adults on here who have trouble sleeping but don’t want prescription sleep meds I saw that someone mentioned Melatonin for u. I wouldn’t recommend Melatonin for anyone under the age of 18 without telling them to consult with your Dr first!! Also, Melatonin can worsen symptoms of depression if they are there. Two things for good reason to consult before using this. A visit to the Dr for sleep related problems would require very little of you and minimal contact from the Dr. Maybe listen to your lungs all that. But he will probablly want blood work done but that doesn’t take OR hurt for very long!! (:

Make sure you talk to your Dr or his nurse before you take any medications other than the regular—Tylenol. Motrin, etc. Try taking a good warm/hot shower or bath before bed. This helps to relax the body. And keep the bed for sleeping only. Don’t read or watch tv in bed, make it so that you only think of sleep when you think of bed. Take that shower, then read for awhile until you feel sleepy. Don’t eat anything for an hour before you go to bed. Your stomach full makes you uncomfortable and even gassy depending on what you ate. And once in bed, if you haven’t fallen asleep within 30 minutes, get up and do somethint else. Layimg there, tossing and turning, gives you the time to start thinking about problems, getting stressed out and crying. Goodness,u will never fall asleep like that. Don’t lay there and dwell on stuff. After you feel drowsy again (from reading some more, drinking hot decaf tea/coffee) go back to bed and try it again. Also, stop drinking caffeinated drinks several hrs before bed.

Hope this helps. Remember, don’t take ANYTHING before you clear it with your Dr. Lots of herbal and other over-the-counter meds are marketed for adults. {=

Answer #10

Hey, me again—forgot some things. Have you ever tried a white noisr machine? Its sounds like rain falling, the ocean, and others. They help a lot of people, plus like a radio it blocks out noise from outside of your room while it produces the soft lulling noises. And no lyrics to sing along with!!(: I can’t sleep with music, I start singing along with it as well. Good luck—dont take Tylenol or aspirin if you don’t need it—both are harmful to the body. Too much Tylenol can cause liver damage and too much aspirin can cause tinnitus (ringing sound in the ear) and cause your blood not to clot properly. Again! Get some sleep—good night?

Answer #11

I think this will really help you– every night before you go to bed, get in the habit of a routine that you do before you go to sleep. for example, take off your makeup, wash your face, brush your teeth, brush your hair, take a hot bath (this relaxes your muscles so it might help you go right to sleep), put on some comfy pajamas, then go to sleep. im taking child development right now, and we just learned that babies go right to sleep once you start getting them ready for bed. if you dont take them through their routine, they dont fall asleep for like an hour or two. and people grow up with this. so even if it doesnt work the first couple weeks or so, just have faith, and give it time.

if it still doesnt work, you might want to see a therapist, and also you could get one of those little machines that plays different sounds like the beach, or the rain. you can buy them on itunes as well:D

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