I am a girl who loves wrestling

I love wrestling do you like wrestling and if you do who are your faves and I dont care if a guy or girl answers this

Answer #1

cool do you think they are all cute or good wrestlers? or both? and I dont no that much bout funadvice so what do you mean by wwe universe on funadvice.com?

Answer #2


well, I love Jeff Hardy so much he’s my one and only love and I love him forever xDD (fangirl much ?)

oh and I love:

  • Chris Jericho
  • Randy Orton
  • Triple H
  • John Cena
  • Shawn Michaels
  • John Morrison
  • Christian
  • The Miz
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Edge (a little, now he’s divorced vickie (yaaay))
  • The Brian Kendrick (ahhh he’s so cute!!! <3)

um, I like a lot more but I just can’t think now .

Answer #3

I am also a girl who loves pro wretling like my fav wrestlers are top 5

   1.Rey Mysterio
   2.Jeff Hardy
   3.John Cena
   4.Shawn Michaels
   5.Batista/Randy Orton/Triple H 

I hope this is the wrestling you were talkin bout if not serry

Answer #4

oh yeh, I forgot to say that it is the wrestling I was talking about

Answer #5

oh mine is 1.rey myserio (ilovehimsooomuch) 2.jeff hardy 3.mvp 4.batista 5.umaga

Answer #6

why do you like randy orton you like him actually trying to kill people in real life!!! because since wwe wrestling is fake entertainment and its all fake but randy actually wants to hurt like the mcmahons triple h batista,etc

Answer #7

My favorites are

Superstars Matt Hardy Hacksaw Jim Duggan Randy Orton Jeff Hardy CM Punk Triple H Shawn Michaels David Hart Smith Tyson Kidd Bret “The Hitman” Hart Jim “The Anivil” Neidhart The Miz Chris Jericho

Divas Beth Phoenix (My all time Favorite) Katie Lea Victoria Melina Natalya Neidhart Gail Kim Michelle McCool Trish Stratus Chyna Lita Mickie James

Answer #8

John Cena or Randy Orton.

Answer #9

dont call it “wrestling.” say wwe or whatever cause the shit’s fake and has nothing to do with real wrestling

Answer #10

well mine is shawn michaels haha wierd but he kinda inspires me plus he kicks people in da chin 4 a livein and den my 2nd 1 is jeff hardy hes just coo and a great person when you meet him

Answer #11

Well, I love Jeff Hardy you can probably tell by my name, haha. Another few of my favourites Lita and Trish, even though they are not around anymore, also Candice is quite good. And I like Kelly Kelly, Melina and Candice. I think Randy Orton used to be quite good but I don’t really like him anymore. Batista is a really good wrestler, Shawn Michaels is quite good too but I hate the PG rating thing though.

Answer #12

wait spoken did you meet jeff hardy because I love him!!! I hate shawn micheals I hate randy orton(I have aposter of him with the name jerk on it) I like kelly kelly, I like rey mysterio, mvp, umaga, I hate jericho, I hate cm punk, and I love r- truth and his whats up song and pants oh and I also hate dolf sigler

Answer #13

i lLOVE wrestling!

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