How do I get a football team to respect me, being the only girl?

I recently joined a football team, and I’m loving the game :)

Except I’m the only girl of about 50 guys.

They not rude to me or anything, but I barely talk to anyone, and I don’t know how to get them to talk to me.

Should I be the first to break the ice? or let them when they want to?

Answer #1

Just be yourself if you got to break the ice go ahead talk about football if you want to if you dont no something ask the teammates show them your not scared to play the sport on the field. have fun GOOD LUCK

Answer #2

If thay don,t respekt you you dont respekt them.

Answer #3

That hella cool. Make a big play. Hit one of the really hard or break someones ankles (I mean that figuratively) just make a good play show that your a beast. Don’t let them go easy on you. If they are going easy tell them you want their all and you can handle it.

Answer #4

your on a all guys football team kool..I didnt know people could do that awesome!!! :) you must be pretty good…yup I agree show them on the field watt you can do

Answer #5

Show them in the field that you are just as well as they are. It sounds your passionate about the game because it take lots of courage for a girl to join a football team. Good Luck

Answer #6

put in just as much work as the boys do prove to them that you can take a fart joke show the boys that you can hang with the best of them and do not get weepy or girly around them it will give the boys a reason to call you out on your gender. so then be calm be smart BE CONFONDENT AND YOU will do just fine I promise

Answer #7

ha ya kinda have to turn into a guy. make some man jokes, and don’t be afraid to be rough with them. they’ll accept you if you prove yourself.

Answer #8

Im the only girl on an all guys hockey team. Its hard, just break the ice. Show that you have a good sense of humor and youre commited.

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