How can i move out of my parent's house at 14?

I am 14. I want to know if I can legally move out of my parents house?

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You're going to have to check the Laws there where you live. Good Luck and God Bless !!


1) find out the 'age of majority' in your state (Most 18)

2) find out the requirements for filing for 'emancipation' in your state

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I mean come on your 14 years old
please dont do it
I know maybe sometimes you just want to leave or kill yourself
trust me I know what your going threw
im 13 years old and when you hit teenage years everything changes
you just want to block everything out your life and be you
not aggervating or nothing
but im going to tell you something it dont work like that
you stay with your parents untill your old enough to move out!

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legally you can not move out of your house you have to be at least 18 ..i know this because i am struggling with the same thing texas you can move out when u are 17 and as soon as i hit 17 im outta here and noone can stop me....But for know my best advice for you is to stick it out work with it ....ive been grounded for 3 weeks so far and well im tryin to listen to them so i can do more ....because i have no close realitives i can live with and i don't want to leave my bf and best your choices as a 14 year old are stay at home stick it out ....or find a realitive if your willing to move and leave a lot of advice is wait it out and move out when ur older u can't get a good job at 14 or an apartment....mucho love ....mal

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Lol.…in Texas we can move out at 17 and the police can’t force you to come home.
But…based on what I have seen in life, I wouldn’t recommend it unless your being abused.. Don't quit. Never quit. Don't run away from your problems. Once you start running you never stop. Trust me, I have close friends that decided to do that because they thought they were better off, but they weren’t. Now all they do is keep moving from house to house, just because they think that if they move out, then it will be better.

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I am 17 , my boyfriend ask me to move in with him I been with my boyfriend year and a couple of months I all up for it but I know I get questioned, like why come you what to move out your not going have the money etc, how can you pop the question to her?

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only if the courts say you are legally an adult...chances are they will act like the adult you wish you were and deal with your situation (unless there is abuse involved ) then when yu are 18 you will be ready for the world...the big bad world is a cruel place for one sooo young. Trust me...stay in school, stay home and grow just a little more, you will know when the time is right.

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You can't file emancipation unless you can prove that you have a steady source of income that you can live off of.

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I wouldnt if I was u , think 4 a second

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you probably can't move out on your own, but you could live with your family, such as: your cousin's house, your aunt or uncle's house, or your grandparent's house. you could also move in with one of your friends after a long, serious talk with your parents and your friend's parents. good luck!

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omg I think we have the same parents person101 lmfao mines are exactly like that xD

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You probably are in a sticky mes where you truly love your family, but they drive you up the wall. If that's the case, I suggest approaching the problem with smaller plans of action. Try hanging out with your friends more, talking with a caring adult in your life other than your parents, and just taking small breaks from your family. A short "getaway" with your friends might be just what you need.

On the other hand, if your in an even worse situation where you can be in danger, such as child abuse or drug abuse talk to a caring adult and consult with him/her for plan of action. If need be, call the police and try to be declared independent (emancipated).

I hope you aren't in such a situation and pray you will be in good care.

Peace, RuFo

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I know your mad that they didn't let you stay up last night and watch that scary movie but its no reason to try and move out...your dumb!

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how can I move out of my grandparents house who havent even adopted me yet and move with a friend into her sisters house who is 21??? is this legal? I'm turning 16 in 3 months

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Well if i was you and i am 16 years old and i have been where u have been and i have said that kinda stuff to so u are not the only one that has said it. But it is not worth to move out of your house where are u going to go how are u going to ask your parents for ? if u need them answer that the only promblem that i think i think if you are have a hard time with your parents why don't u go out to dinner with them or if it is just your mother or your dad and go sit down somewhere and talk to them and tell them how u feel and after u talk to them they will totally understand they will i promise u

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You could become legally independent aka emancipated.

The word 'emancipation' literally means to become free from the control or restraint of another. In the context of emancipated minors, emancipation is essentially a legal procedure whereby children become legally responsible for themselves and their parents are no longer responsible (financially or otherwise) for their children. Thus, emancipated children are freed from parental custody and control and essentially become 'adults' in many ways.

Parents generally have the legal right to custody and control of their unemancipated minor children. Parents can decide where their children will live, what school they will attend, what medical treatment they will receive, and what religion their children will practice. An emancipated minor, on the other hand, is free from such custody and control.

Emancipation in General

As soon as an individual turns 18 he or she legally becomes an adult and is automatically emancipated from such parental custody and control. Likewise, when a minor marries or joins the armed forces (with parental consent and permission from the court), he or she becomes emancipated from his or her parents.

Although in some states a minor can become emancipated simply by declaring himself or herself emancipated, in California a minor over the age of 14 has to petition the court and obtain a declaration of emancipation from a judge Ö a complex proceeding.

Some parts of the United States have quite liberal procedures. Louisiana and Puerto Rico, whose legal systems rely heavily on European law, allow parents to confer a limited form of emancipation on their children with very little interference from the judicial system. A number of states or regions such as Illinois and the Virgin Islands also allow an expedited form of emancipation with parental consent, although this legal procedure is only designed for older teenagers.

So contact your courthouse and find out the laws and regulations on emancipation.

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im 14, same as you, have a job, earning around only $150 a week, and im planning to go live with ,my close friend who's 16, we will split the rent, and all the elect', bills etc... the only thing im worried about is how my parents might react.. will they contact police? I know that I will never have the approval to move out until im 18..but they drive me up the wall...

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