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What solution of Hydrocholoric Acid would be safe to use around kids? Specifically to be used in rock and mineral testing excercises.

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no its not safe to use round kids its acid it will burn your kids skin if spilt its the same stuff thats you digestive system uses to break down food its really strong stuff use with care yer use itt when there not around

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In school we often use hydrochloric acid so I think that it is safe or at least safe versions can be found. I'm pretty sure that in school we use 1 molar acid and that it is perfectly safe.

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1 molar is a safer molarity but not safe for kids to play. HCl should always be taken with care and caution. if it was safe for kids they would introduce us to it at a young age. since they dont then its not safe. chemicals are not to be taken carelessly.

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