What is "human" to you?

This question was asked by my friend. He would like to know what others think on the subject of “Human”! So what does “Human” mean to you?

Answer #1

A human to me is anyone who has the characteristics of a human, something living that is not entirely animalistic. Animals are motivated by the need for survival and instinct, humans, are much more. A human can think, they can think past instinct, humans are logical and can feel emotions. A human use their logic to make choices, right or wrong, and can feel happy, sad, angry, etc, due to whatever circumstances. But while humans are logical, does not mean they always use it, but have the ability to use it. A human person is not perfect.

Answer #2

Do you think that that humans take more then what they need? this question every one ignores. I have ask this a lot and i love your answer your a really bright person!

Answer #3

Oh definitely. I find us to be a most selfish race. We always want more and more and more, and are rarely satisfied with what we have. Human nature perhaps?

Answer #4

To me humans are upright walking primates that have complex social behaviors, spoken languages and cultures. We have opposable thumbs and have the ability to use tools, construct complex structures and technologies. I believe that our “animal instincts” still drive us for the most part. People like to think we are so far removed from our animal counterparts, but I am not so inclined to agree. We are very driven to satisfy our desire to mate, eat, socialize, and protect our territory. We as a species are higher thinking, but we are still animals.

Answer #5

Exactly! :)

Answer #6

Very good! :D I have never got that answer. Most people are scared to say it! We as “humans” pride our selfs in the fact that we are not animals. When we are really lesser then animals. We are parasites, think about it, we take and take. We feed off living things and slowly kill life all around use. If you ever went on airplane you would see what i am talking about!

Answer #7

humans are just another form of energy!!!

Answer #8

Wow this is an interesting question. I firmly believe that humans are animals. There is nothing that makes us superior to the other lives that inhabit Earth. We are a species of the land, not owners of the land.

Answer #9

Humans to me are disgusting. Lol, but no. I think we’re just animals really. Horrible, revolting, selfish animals that should be shot and killed :]

Answer #10

I like that one!

Answer #11


Answer #12

Good answer!

Answer #13

Humans are another magnificent peice of God’s creation.We were created to be far more intelligent than any ape or monkey for a reason.If everything in this world “evolved” then why are we not STILL evolving.Where did we stop?Why did we stop?Why are we still not forming new body parts and new ways of life today?Why are there still monkeys in the world today?why aren’t they evolving onto humans as we speak?What happened to all of the half-ape half-man people?did nature just deciede to stop evolution?Why?Is that all you see yourselves as?Just blumbering stupid animals?Don’t you know that there is soooo much more to us than that?The evolution theroy is a fraud.Just another way for Satin to turn people the wrong way.Now,if any of you have ever opened up your science books you would know that the sun shrinks up to 5 feet an hour.Now tell me this,if the world was really billions of years old,would we still have a sun?

Answer #14


Answer #15

Who ever said that we stopped evolving? Individuals do not evolve. Species as a whole evolves. It could take a very long time before evolution brings about an phenotypic change. Our could be evolving on a molecular level as we speak. Of course, we wouldn’t know because evolution is something that happens over an extended period of times. The whole monkeys evolving into humans idea is such a misconception among many. Modern monkeys and apes are obviously well adapted to their surroundings therefore need not evolve new ways to survive in them. “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” We humans did not evolve from modern monkeys. We simply share a common ancestor with them. Although I applaud the creationist fallacy of the shrinking sun proving evolution is a rip off, I must point out that the rate at which has been observed to shrink is not considered a constant. Perhaps if you had read past that one sentence in your science book you wouldn’t be trying to use that as proof…..Or maybe we have the whole intelligent design theory to blame for this nonsense…Anyways, at least “blumbering stupid animals” don’t fight wars over religious dogma. They fight over food, mates, and territory. Hmm….that kind of sounds familiar. OH! Maybe thats because those are many of the same reasons we humans fight wars! O.O Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion, and there is nothing wrong with believing that a higher being created us all. There is NO reason that science and religion can’t go hand in hand. I’ve got bones, fossils, and genetics in my corner for proof of evolution. What have creationists got? A book.

Answer #16

I we do evolve on a microscopic leave the proof of that, is that were are constantly being attached by vises and bacteria, so our body’s take these in and brake it down make a cure witch is why we get sick, now sometimes it gets out of hand and kills use, other times it works out just find and we survive it! that is evaluation taking place right now!

Answer #17

Please,I’m not trying to begin a war.I’m simply stateing a fact that so many seem to be blind to.But these are just some of the theorys I’ve pulled out of my own common sence without the aid of any complex research.And I will note that I am only 13 years old,so here you are trying to group for information to win an argument with a 13-year-old.Anyway,even Charles Darwin himself said that the idea that the human eye came to be by accident was absurd.http://funadvice.com/r/15aselj3vq1

Answer #18

Its not a matter of winning an argument. You posed questions in your comment, and we gave you answers. Age has nothing to do with it. If I offended you, I do apologize because that was not my intention. I’m guessing your questions were rhetorical in nature….If so, I totally took it the wrong way and thought you were honestly curious. When debating, or trying to prove a point, posing questions weakens the point you are trying to make. It always leaves room for someone to answer in a manner that refutes your statement.

Answer #19

I agree with chartreusechick. But i must say that common sense is far away form genetics I mean there are so many things about Genetics/Evaluation, that we can not even think. So common sense can’t really understand Gen/Eva (on some stuff yeah it can but not all of it), because its so big that you need to think a lot about it and really read on it! I do apologize i am offending you!

Answer #20

You’re not offending me!!! If you want to believe that you all evolved from animals,that’s fine.And maybe YOU did.But I was specially chosen for life,cared for,and created.I was simply curious as to why you choose to see yourselves as only animals.But,I do have one more question.What do evalutionists think happens to them when they die?Because they can’t believe in an after life if they don’t believe in a god.

Answer #21

Many people who believe in evolution do also believe in a higher power or God. Just because you embrace science does not believe you can’t also embrace religion and spirituality. Like I said before, there is NO reason science and religion can’t go hand in hand. The reason I say we are animals is because humans are not bacteria, plants, fungi, or protists. The other kingdom is animalia and if you look at those characteristics, we match them. Do you agree we are mammals? We can’t be mammals without being animals. Taxonomy is just used to group similar organisms together. Looking at the criteria for the kingdom animalia you can’t really argue that we don’t fit. If we were not animals, it would not be feasible for so much human medical research to be done on other animals. If you look at embryos from chickens, pigs and humans, they are eerily similar. Being animals doesn’t mean that we can’t have an afterlife, it just means that our bodies work in very similar ways to other creatures living on this earth. I just don’t understand why it has to either be science or religion….There is room for both.

Answer #22

There my be room both but that dose not mean they want to be in the same room as each other! Religion is something that we made through our mantel evolution, after creativity!

Answer #23

Very true David! I find that sad. :(

Answer #24

I know but that is another topic for another time.

Answer #25

I’m sorry,but all you’ve said about evolution has honestly streched my curiousity about it.And since you know so much about it maybe you can answer these questions for me(without getting off-topic about religion).You know,it’s funny but no one I asked these questions to was able to give me a strait anwer.:/ Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?How did blind chemistry create mind/intelligence,meaning,altruism and moraltiy?Living things look like they were designed,so how do evolutionists know that they are NOT designed?Why should science be restricted to naturalistic causes rather than logical causes?And why is there no recorded history before 4,000 B.C.?O_O

Answer #26

Do to dramatic climate changes, it made some fossils wither away and brake down in to fossil fuel or some form of rock. There are many things that are made by “Blind Science” that we cannot see what is happening because its happening right now right in front of your eyes, its just to small or we chose to not look.(This goes in to a deep topic witch i will not talk about to day) Living things are mad of other living this this is called complex organisms! So really what made us in to what we are is a cell, a microscopic cell! (i want to cry every time i say that) Science is Both naturalistic and logical, we used nature to help make machines, and we made logic through nature. What ever recored history the human rase is missing has not been found yet or maybe been wiped out.(yet another topic for another day). So i believe you would have more quotations! as does every one in this world!

Answer #27

Very well.But if we all originated from a cell,where did that cell come from?How did multi-cellular life originate?The most basic elements of life,like hydrogen and carbon,where did they come from?all of these things where needed before ANY kind “evolution” was to take place.So how did they get here?

Answer #28

I personally like to believe that the most basic elements were “created” by a higher being if you will. However, I still believe in evolution. Evolution just makes sense to me, but it doesn’t mean I can’t believe that there is something beyond this life. I just hope this conversation sparked your interest into looking into this topic further and coming to your own conclusions based on research from BOTH sides of the playing field. Science is all about paradigm shifts and challenging EVERYTHING. Its great to challenge ideas and theories, you just need to make sure you have the research and “proof” to back it up.

Answer #29

I very much agree with you.If you’re going to say anything about either side,evolution or creation,you sould have studied on BOTH sides FIRST.That’s why I think people are stupid when they begin to argue with me and knock me about creation when they’ve never even cracked open a Bible.And I have read from both sides,it’s just that everyone is different.To some people evolution makes more sence,while to me creation makes more sence.;)

Answer #30

I’ll admit, I have a slight problem with people dismissing evolution completely. Its not that I have anything against creationism or anything, but to completely take evolution out of the curriculum worries me quite a bit. I don’t understand how teaching intelligent design fosters the separation of church and state. Its fine to believe in creationism if thats what you choose, but its not a fair decision if you are misinformed about the other side of the argument. I feel like many people are misinformed. You seem like a smart kid that would benefit from poking in some books and journal articles. Its great that you stand up for what you believe in, but you may want grasp some more info and truly understand the concept of evolution before completely dismissing it and calling shennanigans.

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