Why do humans have butt cracks?

Why Do Humans have Butt Cracks? its useless theirs a whole why the butt crack?

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This is a GUESS ok?

Easier to poop without it all sticking, and getting infections etc
I notice most animals have it too

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Actually, I believe it is for flexibility. The seam allows each side of our gluteous maximus to work more independently of each other.

nzdaniel, I think it would be easier to void cleanly without the crack. Generally cling-ons stick to the sides so we would probably stay cleaner without the crack. Dogs and cats who lack a this generally do not need to wipe.

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well if there wasn't a crack, there would be really no place for the hole!!

Funny/rude names :P
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ummm all I can say is just ewww

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Looks better that way...

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