Is huffing considered "doing drugs"?

Answer #1

Yes. Huffing anysort of substance to get high is just like doing dru,gs. Like doing dru,gs it is not good for your body and can harm you.

Answer #2

Yeah it is, and it can cause severe brain damage so I wouldn’t recommend it. Not to mention how stupid people look when they’re doing it, lol.

Answer #3

Lol, I wasn’r going to, but I did once a couple of Years ago and there was this thing on Facebook where you said: Never had se.x Never drank Never smoked Never done dr.ugs Etc. Like if you think I’m lying

And I was wondering if the seven people who liked it were right or if everybody else was. Thanks!

Answer #4

yes. you are inhaling it, witch are vital to ur health.

Answer #5

It’s not like using illicit substances, it just makes you dizzy and creates nausea. It has the same health hazards, your lubgs deteriorate and if ur hyffing paint will usually start to turn to that color. You dont have to have a minimum age to buy huffing material but it does destroy your body, makes you weak, age faster and slowly shuts your organs down. if done on a continuos bais it can kill you.

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