How would you handle this situation?

I was speaking to a friend on the phone and she told me she was talking to this lady, that has a 10 month old, 3.5 -4.5 pound Chihuahua. This lady said that this puppy tied with another Chihuahua that was 6-7 pounds. She says the puppy is pregnant! This lady said, that she did not want to deal with this puppies pregnancy, the expense or the puppies after they are born, so if she can’t find someone to take this tiny Chihuahua and take responsibility for her and her puppies, that she would take her to the Shelter! Being the softie that I am, I told her to tell the lady, that I would take the puppy and take responsibility. I did not like the thought of this puppy possibly being put down at the Shelter and thought this puppy deserved a chance at a happy life with someone who will love it. I used to breed Chihuahuas, but I never bred any of my Runts and I never bred any of my females. with a male that was larger than they were. The male was always smaller! I will be bringing this puppy home tomorrow! She will be going to the vet on Saturday for a check! What I was wondering is whether you think, that because the male is 2 1/2 to 3 pounds larger than the female, if that’s enough of a weigh difference, that it will be more likely to cause complications, if the vet says it’s too late to have an Emergency Spay done and she has no choice, but to go ahead and have these puppies! I am prepared for the fact that she may have to have a C-Section! I know I will get attached to her immediately and I don’t want to lose her, because her previous owner wasn’t responsible enough to have her Spayed, or even watch her close enough,while she was in heat! Do you think she will do ok, delivering these puppies on her own, with my help, or do you think I should try to have an Emergency Spay done. Just wanted to get some opinions on what you would do in this situation!!! Thank You for taking the time to read this! Happy New Year Everyone!

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Oh, your babies are so cute. I hope Gigi and all the other wonderful dogs were their to great my Harely Ann yesterday. She loved Chihuahua’s.

Answer #2

I am so sorry, I just put my rottie down yesterday she was 12. and I lost a chihuahua about 3yrs ago at the age of 12 weeks due to Liver Shunt. I know what you are talking about. It is very hard but this is what makes us dog lovers. And I will do it all over again,

Answer #3

She may still be, that would make her about 35 days into gestation periord. Puppies do get a bloated stomach after eating and then it will go away. I would wait to see what the vet says, get a exam and I would do a stool check, she could have intestinal paristies also and we don’t want her passing that to your family. I am so glad you have her. Please post pic’s. At least you can have a peace of mind knowing she is in a loving home away from all that craziness. Good luck and keep us posted.

Answer #4

To harleyrider! This is a picture of one of my dogs, that I said I would send! This is my little Zoe! Just a little info on Zoe! Zoe weighs 3.5 pounds according to the vet. (Daisy is just a little bigger, but not much than Zoe, to give you an idea on the size)! Zoe right now, is fighting Liver Disease, has been for the last 6 months and I just lost my other Chihuahua Gigi, to Liver Disease on Aug. 10, 2008! Just to give you an idea of how heartbreaking this year has been! This is Gigi, may she R.I.P. Gigi would have been 3 years old on Jan. 1 st, 08! This past year has been very painful and heartbreaking for me, and I don’t know if I can handle anymore heartbreak right now! I love my dogs very much, I get very attached to them and I would do anything for them!

Answer #5

They are like Potato Chips aren’t they? I know that once I get attached to mine, that I could never give them up! How can you not love and respect any breed of dog, when they love you so unconditionally, are so loyal, comfort you when no one else can, they accept you the way you are, they trust you, they never judge you, the affection you get from them is tremendous, and you could not ask for a better friend. I love and cherish every single one of my Chi’s, I always will. I am so sorry that you Funmailed me and I did not respond. To be honest, when I first started using this site, I did not know how to do certain things like respond to a FunMail, I know that sounds really stupid, but I’m getting used to the way this site works now and I promise that won’t happen again. It’s really nice to talk to you too! I feel like I made a great new friend! I have never heard of the group, For the love of your dogs, but it sounds interesting and I would love it if you could tell me more about it. Gotta let you go for a while. Time to feed Tiny Zoe! With the Liver Disease, she gets fed at different times than my other Chis do! I need to talk to you more about Zoe too, if you don’t mind listening. Then after Zoe is finished eating, it’s time to take my babies outside to play, run around and do their little duties, then bring them back in! I don’t like leaving them outside alone, because of the Birds of Prey we have around my area! So, I’ll talk to you later! I have so many things I would like to ask you and talk to you about, again if you would not mind listening! Bye for now! Be back later! Elaine

Answer #6

UPDATE ON DAISY!!! I don’t know if this is where I am supposed to post additional details, but I’ll give it a shot. I just wanted to Update you on Daisy! I got her about 11:00AM, I think it was! The friend I was speaking to about this, and who told me about this situation, brought Daisy to me. I found out more information and this just breaks my heart! My friend says that the owner told her that Daisy and the male tied one time, that she saw on November 29, 2008! They stayed tied, for about 5 minutes with poor Daisy screaming, trying to get away from the male and at the same time, being dragged by the male, who seemed to be panicking himself, then they released the tie after staying tied for about 5 minutes! Daisy is a total doll, and I’m already loving her, attached to her and she bonding well to me! Daisy seems to be ok, is adjusting great already, seems happy, is active, and is playing with all my other Chihuahuas. They seem to have already welcomed her as part of the family! When I got her, she had just been fed by the previous owner and her tummy was a little bloated. Her nipples are Not Swollen, her vulva is Normal Size and not at all swollen and to be honest she’s not showing like she’s pregnant at all, although she will still go to the vet and we’ll see for sure and it may still be too early for her to show! I just looked at her tummy again, and now it looks flat as a board! That to me sounds a little odd, that her stomach can be bloated one minute and totally flat the next. I really don’t think that would happen if a dog was pregnant. Am I wrong? Does it sound to you like Daisy may be pregnant?Is it possible that if they tied and stayed tied for 5 minutes that Daisy could still be pregnant, but then why would her stomach be bloated one minute and not bloated the next! I will be sitting on pins and needles until she see’s the vet! What do you guys think about all this? Anxiously looking forward to your replys! Thanks!

Answer #7

Im sorry I don’t know much about dog breeding, but Im interested in what your saying, what exactly does it mean when they are tied? and whats the deal about the male being bigger?

Answer #8

Oh Sweetie! I am so sorry for your losses! I can guarantee you that Gigi, has already welcomed both your babies and will take great care of them, until we can all meet at the Rainbow Bridge, never to be separated again! I would also like to Thank You for the compliment that you gave me on my babies! Every single on of my Chihuahuas mean the world to my husband and I and we would do anything for them! We think they are all pretty special ourselves. I cannot imagine what life would be like without my babies. They just bring so much joy and add so much to our lives.

Answer #9

Because you seem to have a close connection with your vet, have bred dogs before, and are prepared financially and mentally for a c-section if that becomes necessary…then I am SO glad you’re going to take this little girl. There are Vets who will do a spay, at any stage of pregnancy…they are usually more confident in their surgical abilities, I think, as there are so many blood vessels to be tied off…many Vets simply don’t want to take the chance of missing one.

At least this pup will be in good, experienced, loving hands…and that’s what really counts in this situation…


Answer #10

Taylorleighcatastrophy– Tied means the mated, What happens is the male dog mounts the female and when his penis is in her valvua, they get “stuck” and “tied” is just the proper way of saying this. Also as far as “bigger” they are just talking size in physcial apperance. the male is maybe 7 inches tall and weighs about 6 lbs where the femal may only stand 4 inches tall and weigh 4 lbs. So you should not really breed a bigger male to a smaller female. Hope all this helped.

Answer #11

Let her deliver the puppies on her own to avoid anyother complications.

Answer #12

Ok, I will give you my advice. I have a 4lbs female chi, and a 6.5lb male, I work at a vet hopital, They tied and her first litter she had 3 and all went well, He second litter she had only one. that single puppy had all the room to grow to a nice size, her due date was on a friday and still no labor, so I took her into work and we did another x-ray and messured the skull to the pelvic reigion. It was a chance I did not want to take going into the weekend. So we did a c-section all went well. I would start with getting x-rays done between 58-62 days of gestuation. Hope there are atleast three. and let the doctor see if the skulls could pass through her pelvic reigion. Here are some pic’s of the first litter verse the size of the one puppy. Good luck, wished I lived near you I would adopt on of the babies.

Answer #13

To harleyrider! I just wanted to say Thank You for clearing up what tying is! I also wanted to tell you, your puppies are beautiful! I am going to get a full workup on Daisy when I take her to the vet. I’m not sure her previous owner even took her to a vet and I want to make sure Daisy is ok. The thought that she is smaller and (she is very small) and the male is even 2-3 pounds larger, I’ll admit still scares me. If she is pregnant, then I want her to suffer as little as possible, and I’m afraid the puppies will be too big for her to deliver on her own. Hopefully I’m wrong and she will not have any Whelping complications, again if she is pregnant! When I used to breed my Chihuahuas, I never lost a mother or any of the puppies. Everything always went smoothly, there were never any complications, no C-Sections were ever necessary, but they were all standard size females bred with the same size male or smaller. I want to send you some photos, but my camera broke and is being fixed, so I’ll put some photos up, when I can! I will try to find a photo of one of my Chihuahuas, that I took quite a while ago, that is basically the same size as Daisy, just to give you an idea of how tiny she really is and why I’m so worried that she may have problems! As far as Peace Of Mind goes, I’ll have that, when I know that Daisy is ok and gets through this whelping ok, if it does turn out that she is pregnant. I think that she has been through enough in her short life and I want to make it as safe and easy as I possibly can for her. I’ll keep you posted when I know more. Thanks again for your help and everyone else’s help! I really appreciate it!

Answer #14

I could not agree with you more. And I agree they are like potato chips, can’t just have one. It was really hard for me to give up the last puppy Beanie. But she went to a great home. They are clients at the vet hospital I work at and our great to there dogs. I love the so called “deer” chihuahua. We are now down to three dogs, the 2 chihuahua’s and the Aussie ( he is deaf) brought him home from work. When I first came on this site, I funmailed you but never got a message back, but maybe I was doing it wrong, It is really nice talking to you. Have you ever been in the group For the love of your dogs?

Answer #15

Here is a pup from the litter of three. Just hours after being born. I have more pic’s so if you want to see how big the mother got let me know, They were both given to me and the female was only 11 months old when she had this first litter. She did great and was a super mom.

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