How would i go about caring for a pigeon?

My dad found a pigeon at the side of the house and brought it to me assuming it fell out of the nest in front of his house, so he brought it to me. It's a baby...maybe 2-3 weeks, and its grey with black spots. He's scared, but has calmed down for now. What should I feed him? How should I take care of him?

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Well, you always see pigeons hanging around graineries and I know they eat grain...You might have to soak it so it gets soft...any grain that doesn't have shaft on it. Go to the feed store and pick up some horse grain...the kind without molassis (ask the clerk)...then soak...see if he'll peck at it on his own...if he won't, see if he'll take it if you hold it above his head like mama. You might have to place it in his mouth/throat for a while. Birds mature fast, tho.


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Very careful, fine cereal, like oatmeal in milk, and see if you can get food and advice from a petshop

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birds like worms and bugs you can go outside and find some I've cared for pigeons before there pretty birds

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