How will tribes be affected by deforestation?

How will tribes be affected by deforestation?

can anyone please answer this question?

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(my goodness - have you got any more deforestation questions left?)

The narive peoples of the rainforest are particulatly hard-hit by deforestation, especially but not only in the Amazon region. The forests are their home, and have been for ages. They have developed a way of living in harmony with their surroundings, taking only what they need and not being greedy or destructive.

When outsiders move in - for logging or for mining, but also 'white' settlers who clear the forest for land - the native people have nowhere to go. And yes, they have been persecuted, hunted and even shot like animals. In Brazil, legislation has been enacted to protect them, but it is far from adfequate, and is often violated.

Do have a look at the Rainforest Foundation website I mentioned in another answer.

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