How true is the Obama Deception?

I’ve been watching the video and I find it so gut wrenching that the possibility of this happening is likely?! Can someone please give me the benefit of the doubt and say its all a lie? With facts please, not going to accept a blatant statement without proof /evidence. Its so crazy! Is the Bilderberg group really trying to take over the world? This isn’t cool… I don’t like it. If that video is true, were all getting screwed over right under our noses. HELP!

Answer #1

I have not seen the video and anything is possible but the Republicans just do not want to have an African dark man as President

Answer #2

The Obama deception never references the Illuminati… a very real organization… founded by the Rothschild’s liaison Adam Weishaupt in 1776.

The Bilderbergers is the name given to the group of heads of state and big wig executives in the various fields of human enterprise who meet yearly in an off the record… invitation only conference. They tend to meet up at plush hotels. Their first meeting took place at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland back in the 50’s… this the reason they have been so named by those tramp journalists who have documented these secretive rendesvous’. Although mainstream journalists tend to be invited… they never report the minutes of these meetings… so we have no idea what transpires at them… except for what little information has been leaked.

The Obama Deception points out that President Obama… like his predecessors going back to Woodrow Wilson are merely puppets who do the bidding of the international cartel of bankers. This is true.

I dont have the time to provide you with the evidence… you are in essence asking for an entire alternate history for the last century… and to truly understand the roots of the conspiracy… we would need to go back to Mayer Amschel Baur… the patriarch of the Rothschild dynasty who rose to prominence through usury by lending to the germanic prince of Hesse-Kassel in the 18th century. I can point you in the general direction so that you can research and vet the information for yourself. I would start by reading Eustace Mullin’s book… ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’ Mr. Mullins recently passed away… you can find this book online if need be. Follow that with G. Edward Griffin’s book… ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ This book details the beginning of the Federal Reserve Act… how it started life as the Aldrich Plan… was written by the elite banking houses of New York City/London/Berlin who composed a cartel… but offered up to the people as a trust busting bill. I also enjoy the website… WHATREALLYHAPPENED… by webmaster Michael Rivero… a clearinghouse of useful information. You can follow Jim Tucker at American Free Press… he has been hounding the Bilderbergers longer than anyone… Daniel Estulin is another independent journalist who keeps tabs on them.

Tools or shills or useful idiots may try to shame you into feeling ostracized for your dissident take on these matters. Their modus operandi is as sophisticated as the grade school playground toadies wreaking havoc on those whom they are secretly afraid of… they basically call you names and ask you how you can believe such nonsense… bunk… garbage… etc. These are the same people who continue to insist that La Cosa Nostra is a figment of the imagination… that Oswald alone killed Kennedy… that the economy is robust… that the Federal Reserve is not privately owned… that lobbying is a necessary evil and that kickbacks and cronyism are the mindless ranting of the paranoid… that government is infallible… your president goes to bed… but not before mentioning your very name in his prayers… that the earth is flat and the center of the universe… and you’re a creep for believing otherwise. To condescend to their level… ‘sticks and stones may break my bones… but words will never hurt me.’

Remember… ‘In a time of universal deceit… telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

Their time is coming to an end… and they are afraid. The timid and weak minded will not advance the mantle of liberty by challenging the powers that be. They are actively culling out the number now… and so many people are falling for their gin and toxic tonic spiking the punch bowl.

‘The words of the prophets are written on subway walls and tenement halls… and whispered in the sounds of silence.’

Above all else… be true to yourself… the truth will set you free.

Answer #3

dude there are so many groups trying to take over the world. be it by controlling oil or the world econ, weapons, etc… But, those group work outside most governments and only push governments to tilt more to favor there objectives. the stuff about Obama is just misinformation. I could give the same argument about Regan and Goldman sacs, the Iran contra, his role in the 50’s going against social med and his tax cuts for the rich and big business and his drug laws against the poor. don’t believe the hype, instead look at the missing links that’s were you’ll find the real players. Remember these shadowy groups must have a scapegoat to keep the publics eye off of them, they are the 1% that controls 90% of the worlds $$$ if we the 90% were to feel find out what they are up and do some about it, that would be game over for them. 1% of the worlds pop = 60 million (them) and we are in the other 5.4 billion (us) group (the percent my not be spot on but should within about 4% or 5% still a gaint gap)

Answer #4

Most governments are controlled by the power elite. This is nothing new, since the primary purpose of government since ancient times has been to serve the powerful.

The idea that they are all controlled by some central group is possible, but seems unlikely, since the power eliete are not only in competition with you and me, but with eachother as well.

Answer #5

The idea that they are all controlled by some central group is possible, but seems unlikely, since the power eliete are not only in competition with you and me, but with eachother as well.

You have to think of these ruling elites in the same vein as what we know as the Mafia. There is infighting between groups and shuffling for leverage or position within the totality by various factions within. The beauty of a cartel is the elimination of competition… either by annexation… capitulation… or dominance. The United States of a century ago had a different ruling elite… the WASP establishment of New England and the Mid-Atlantic… personified by the Boston Brahmin. They owned infrastucture… industry… and media… but their reign was more restrained than what we have now. Small banks were the norm. New York was not the banking power it is now… and each bank could issue its own currency as long as it had the precious metal to back it up. The disparity between upper and middle class was nowhere near as great as today… even as little as 50 years ago the salary gap between CEO and average blue collar worker was about 400%… the CEO earned 4 times what his employee earned. Today he makes about 500 times more than his worker… while the middle class numbers wane… the number of american billionaires grows.

The difference is the Federal Reserve. A small group of banking houses in New York conspired to form a banking cartel that would monopolize American finance. These Banking houses were already giants because they were in fact adjunct arms of the Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin. Paul Warburg who headed the group… came from the Rothschild’s Kuhn Loeb Bros bank in Berlin. They had already begun to garner American media outlets with which to endorse their machinations.

Perhaps I got off onto a tangent there… but my point is that the elite I am referring to have been at odds with older establishments… either the establishment here… or with the czars of Russia… the bolsheviks were bankrolled by the same Kuhn Loeb Bros bank that provided us our Federal Reserve Act… for the past 200 years. These elite are a particularly ruthless bunch who have overseen the famine of the Ukraine… they have fomented two world wars and countless smaller ones in order to pad their coffers. Through the Federal Reserve the entire populace are kept as wage and tax slaves to their system… the national income tax was established to coincide with the Federal Reserve… and thats where our income taxes go… to the multinational banking establishment who own our Federal Reserve bank.

Back to the purpose of a cartel… the elimination of competition… explains one reason that this elite must constantly endeavor to suppress you and I… because some of the smarter ones represent a threat to their power… but if we cannot afford the same education… if we cannot use popular media to influence the masses… if we cannot afford a standing army… we cannot compete with them. If we are too busy trying to keep our heads above water… and food on our table… we barely even notice who we sacrifice our natural rights to or why we do it.

Who are our monied powers still competing with? Russia… for the most part. Stalin successfully witheld power from the banking Mensheviks who were to take control. Initially Hitler was endorsed to overthrow Stalin… but as tyrants often do… he first set about ridding Germany of his competition… the big banking houses who found that although they may have been pulling the strings behind the scenes… this didnt preclude them from being casualties to this juggernaut they had set in motion. Cue the American Oil embargo of Japan… we goad Japan into an attack to break the embargo and once America declares war on Japan we learn of their pact with Germany. Germany was not going to honor the pact and enter into war with America… but that didnt matter… Hitler had to go… and we were predetermined to help in that cause. Fast forward to today… the banking elite made a play for Russia after the fall of the USSR… buying up banks and oil refineries. Putin noticed this threat to his hegemony… and he seized their holdings. Our part in the Serbian war… our role in financing the mujahedeen… the reason why our controlled government killed 3000 of its own citizens in the false flag of 9/11 and began occupying completely innocent muslim countries in the middle east… besides being good for the war contracting cronies and for the greedy oil barons… was in part to establish a military presence surrounding Russia.

This is why we cannot suffer the present powers to remain. They are power mad. How many millions of people have died due to their machinations? They are indiscriminate… we are their beasts of burden until used up… then we are useless eaters to them.

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