How to touch a clitoris without hurting her?

I remember a while ago, I was fingering my girlfriend, and I attempted to make it more pleasurable for her by touching her clitoris. Next time she told me that it hurt when I touched her clit, and now she doesn't like me touching there. Although I can see that there may be the possibility that she just doesn't like it, but from my understanding, it's usually very pleasurable, and I think I may have accidentally been a little rough last time, so could someone please give me advice on how to touch her clitoris in a pleasurable way.

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lick it

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thanks, I'll try all these. Just so you know, she didn't throw me off though, she put up with it, I'm guessing because the coitus like action was enjoyable enough to comprimise the bad feeling.

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The clitoris can be extremely sensitive. Some women can't have it directly stimulated, so next time maybe try to indirectly stimulate her clitoris by rubbing her vulva (or inner labia) around the clitoris. The tug on her labia will cause an indirect stimulation, which may be more bearable for her and not make her want to throw you off of her.


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well, I don't like it for my fiance to touch me there either. but if you really want to give her the big o by the clit, then you should really use a lot of lube, so your finger slides around and doesn't hurt the skin. it should be more pleasurable. sometimes the pleasure is just too intense though
hope this helped a bit

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Well, that area is SOOO sensitive, and I can remember a time when I said the exact same thing! Definately be gentle if she lets you do it again, and try to get her to relax. Tell her to let you know if it feels good, or if it hurts and you should be okay!

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Just touch a little by little till she is comforatable with it, explain you were a little rough the last time, and you would be gentle.. she could listen. goodluck. :l

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first,start licking both labia,inner side of labia and then come to the should insert one finger in to the vagina too.she will sure love it and do it till your finger feels sqeesing and contracting.


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try to hit slightly wid your penis on her clitoris very delecately cause I experianced da same wid my b.f too take ma idea it'll help you in a great way

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