How to tell my mom that i masturbate?

I am 14 and afraid to tell my mom that I masturbate, but its the only way that I will be able to stop feeling guilty about it. How do I do it?? Please please help! Xoxo--becky

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Masturbation is COMPLETELY normal - EVERYONE does it and if they say they don't, ... they are lying.
If you DIDN'T Masturbate - THEN you should be concerned!!!

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you dont need to tell her.

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dude, don't tell your mum
that would be sooo awkward.
masturbating is perfictly fine, everyone does it.
I bet your mumma already knows.
just relax, don't feel guilty about it.

take care x

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Look, you may feel guilty but she really doesn't need to know, plus you'll just be breaking her heart anyway because you're not her little baby anymore so don't tell her

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This is an awkward subject anyway. Its somthing thas supposed to be known by you and you alone. Theres nothing to feel guilty about as eveyrone else as said. and as everyone else has said she already knows or assumes. But think would YOU want your daughter to tell you about her masterbating?
If you had a question itd be different. which you might. If you have a question about materbation or why you feel you NEED to do it or somthing that you can ask her, but to jsut be like Yo Ma I materbate! Woosh I felt Guiltys about that glad its off my chest. its just awkward.
Its natural, everyone does it wether they admit it or not.
My mom and I are bestfriends, but Id never be like hey I masterbate! its jsut to private-intament, but if I had a question Id ask.

~ Daydream Believer

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yeah your mam prob already nows and I was the same always fely guilty but believe me its nothing to feel guilty over its sooo normal

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uummm...well...err...I wldnt tell her...its a private thing and chances are she mite know already...but thts okk...I hope you stop feelin guilty or watevr because I heard its perfectly normal

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You have nothing to need to 'confess' to your mother. That is a 100% normal and necessary part of life. I fully believe people would go absolutely crazy if they didn't have some sort of release. Your mom knows you're human, she's probably made the assumption that you DO do it, but I guarantee she doesn't care one way or the other. She certainly doesn't want to know about it- that's a private and personal matter. That would just make things awkward and uncomfortable for the both of you. Every time you were alone in your room or in the bathroom for a long time, that's what she'd assume you'd be doing and you'd assume she was thinking you were doing that.
It's normal, you don't need to feel guilty about it. You shouldn't feel guilty. I really would advise against bringing this up to your mom.

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She has already figured it out from this formula

MALE + HEALTHY + TEENAGE (or older) = masturbating

It is not only normal, it is also healthy to masturbate.
Plus, she doesn't really want to be told or to see it. Keep it private. But do not feel guilty.
You will continue to do it - forever. Even after you get married - although much less.
Besides, if you do not, then wet dreams will increase. Because your body is making sperm and semen, and it is going to emerge one way or another.

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mate everyone masterbates even girls,mate there is no need to feel ashamed you are doing something that has been done for hundereds of thousands of years.

there is no need to tell your mom because she has probably done it herself. 99/100.

yea that makes you feel sick, but bud, its what made u

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lmao your name is becky and plies has a song nvm anyway...
um yeah I know you feel guilty but really you dont need to tell your mom cause its your business but if its eating you up that much just sit her down when no one else is around or while your driveing down the street alone and just ask her if she ever did it and tell her how you were feeling guilty and had to tell her hope I helped

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Tell your mom that your mastrubating???
Parents are not stupid. She probably knows already.

And you should NOT feel guilty.

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Yeah Masterbating is done by every teen its just normal is something that makes our chanching body calm down a little. And you dont have to tell you mom, not all teens that masterbate tell their perents in fact almost no teen does so you should not feel guilty its so normal of the teens!

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As a mom...and a grandmother...I can assure you...she already knows.


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Bimjob, her name's Becky, that kinda implies she's female so not really producing much sperm...

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somethings should just be left alone

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It's pretty normal, and I have absolutely no idea why you'd tell your mother about it?

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umm if your mom knew think what shed do
shed never leave you alone!

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well, you shouldn't feel guilty about masterbation, it's completely normal

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well im young and its ok just dont say anything unless you need to

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Don't worry about your mom, just show you dad or brother

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