How did you tell your mom that you got your period?

How did you tell your mom that you got your period?
What did you say? And was it awkward?

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Mine was horrible. I was on vaca with my dad and
brother when I started mine, so I had to tell my dad
and he had to go buy me pads and stuff.
I didnt tell my mom till I got home from my vacation.

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I remember she was in the kitchen and I walked out there and was just like.. Mom, I started my period.
I was worried for a few minutes then after I told her, A wave of relief rushed over me.
Your not the only one who has ever went through this.

How to tell my Mom that I have my period?

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When I told my mom I didn't just say straight out, "Mother, I started my period."

I just went up to her and said, "Can we go to the store? I need to get some pads."

Saying that was not awkward at all.
Try doing that. ;)

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Here's some options:

Take care !!

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Don be embarassed, all women go through it, even your mum. Just drop it in to converstaion when I told my mum I said " Remember when we were talking about (name) getting her period? Well I've got mine now aswell." You know just casual. Dont feel embarassed.good luck

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be like
Hey! Mom! I started my period!
and you have to shout because youll be in your room and shell be in the living room

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You're mom went through the same thing! Just be honest and tell her that you started your period. It's nothing you should be embarrassed about of ashamed of!

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When I was 11 turning 12, I started my period and I unfortunately didn't tell my mother that I had it.
I was sitting in front of the TV and listening to it with one of my sisters and when I left my other sister noticed it right away since I had a mess all over my pants and such. Apon walking into the bathroom, my sister walks in, says "Eww!" Then walks out runs to tell my mother what happened then mother walks in sees what my sister was talking about and starts yelling at me.
She was pretty livid with me because I told her I didn't know I started. She was also livid because I didn't tell her in the first place. If I were you, I'd take your mother aside and say "Mom, I started my period could we go to the store?" something like that. Darn! I should've told my mother that. Unfortunately, I didn't.
I have to laugh about this story once in a great while since I'm 23 and been getting it since I was 11 and a half turning 12. Its nothing to be ashamed or embarrased about. All of us women get it. Even your mother. I'm sure when she was your age, she probably felt the same way, ashamed and embaraissed. She'll understand.
Take care!! and don't be afraid to tell her. Its normal to feel this way.

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I just went down stairs and went I think I've started my period and she was like yeah and give me some pads and then its fine. I was a bit embarresed at first but she went and goes through the same thing all girls have to so theres no point hiding it!

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