How to surf?

Do anyone surf? Is it hard??..I mean not in internet but on the waves in the sea:-) ..I want to go to cali this summer but Im afraid of myself because Ive never tried but Id like to start live a new life in cali and I want to surf on the board...please dont laugh me lol..haha

Answer #1

well I’ve lived in california for 14 years out of my 15 year life, and I can honestly tell you the beaches in los angeles are all filthy and disgusting and theres no waves. so if you plan on moving to california, go more south like orange county because at least their beaches are semi-clean, and they get decent waves. and yes I’ve been surfing, it’s lame and I suck at it :]

Answer #2

I went surfing in’s pretty fun..can be a bit dangerous but as long as you have someone to shoq you the basics then it will be fine. It’s soo much fun :)

Answer #3

oh thank you very much…Ill not go to Cali:-) ..Ill be thinking about orange county:-) …or may be Hawai could be good but may be there are a lof of sharks:-(((

Answer #4

It’s hard to start if you have ever snowboarded it’s sorta of like that expect with snow. you have to have really good balance but I don’t think it is that are to do. It’s different for everyone

Answer #5

haha hey bro, california has great waves, but yes LA does have nasty water. you can go up north by Santa Cruz, but Orange County is good too. yes I surf and body board. its really too much to explain ya know, but if you have specific questions just msg me

Answer #6

thanks ..I`m feeling restful already..:-)

Answer #7

actually orange county is in california, it’s just farther south then los angeles. and hawaii and california share the same ocean so there are sharks in both places. the biggest great white sharks live on the coast of cali, lol :] I would think hawaii is more safe :]

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