How to stuff your bra so it feels natural?

please dont bother saying "you shouldnt stuff your bra" I just want to know some homemade natural feeling stuffing? I use tissue inside a sock and it feels really hard but does enhance my breasts. please tell me some and soon. I'm desperatee!


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take a small amount of paper,wet it,let it dry ,cover it in sylicon and put it in your bra.also add it to a push up to look even juggier. for it to look more naturaluse thin sheets. Just so you know people will eventually find out.

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take tights (panty hose) and fold it, place it on the inside of your bra, under your boobs and towards the outside.

take a safety pink and clip your straps together in the back so it makes an X and it makes your boobs go closer together :D

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You shouldnt feel the need to stuff your bra.
You are obviously young,and not fully developed.
I'm positive that you ae not the only one in your age level with a small chest,an let me tell you,I've got large breasts,and theyre really nothing that great,They get in the way a lot,and make my back hurt at night.
You should be comfortable with who you are,big chest or not.

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you should get a push-up bra
they work and they look a lot more real to
a push up bra "pushes up" what you already have,
its got a bit of padding at the bottom...made of foam
...foam is what pretty much every bra will use to inhace the bust
its soft and feels more real than most other things
you can go to the mall and get a push-up bra
or head to a bra store or target, walmart, kmart ect and pick up some fillers or enhancers, ect
because stores also sell a smallbit of padding that you can place in your bra
otherwise if you cant get any of them
foam is the realest feeling thing
but dont put too much in

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I only know this cuase I saw my sister do it when she wanted to freak out my dad (and it worked! LOL!) kk, she grabbed a balloon and stuffed it with pudding to a small amount, and she hugged me, and it felt so real! but, I don't think you should stuff your bra! cuase what if you run out of pudding? what if you run out of balloons? my sis did it for fun, what are you going to use it for?

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You should stick to a water bra or just a regular padded bra. One of my guy friends told me a story of how this one who liked him was hanging out with him. When she bent down, tissue fell out of her bra. Let's just say he wasn't too interested after that.

He said she was embarrassed but he was even more embarrassed for her. You don't want to get caught stuffing your bra, EVER! It tells people that you are unhappy with who you really are; not a good thing.

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maybe use a 2 sized bigger bra , or 1 sized bigger then use your natural size bra . it kinda feels hard when someone hugs you . but people don't care . and it looks big though , now , all you have to solve is getting a cleavage . if you get what im saying . -___-

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just get a push up or water bra thats probably your best option

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They sell natural feeling, and naturally shaped "fillers" at Walmart...they are filled with Silicone, and slip inside your bra.


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really you shouldn't
it's just on TV people do that
people will figure it out that you do & that will be even more embaresing than just having smaller breast. Just be proud of who you are. In all honesty, more men like smaller breast than larger. Another advantage is that you don't have to worry about them sagging later on in life. Big breast aren't all that glories, believe me, I'm D!
But hey, if you reallt want to give off the illision that you di have bgger breast, instead of stuffing get a padded underwire push-up bra.
Good Luck I guess

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sorry, honey but you really shouldn't stuff your bra, because kids will eventually find out sooner or later! but, if you really want to you could just tear tissues layer by layer and put it on your boobs that way it looks all natural without lumps or anything. I dunno if thisll work or not, sorry I don't have to stuff my bra. my boobs are just naturally big and I hate it! you should feel lucky!!!

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go to walmart and look in the bra area and there is these thing called sisicones and there reall sofe and hey stick 2 you were a training bra it feel real

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I don't know I dont stuff because people will eventually find out...

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Take tissue put it in your bra get some tape and tape it to your bra.

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I stuff with tissue just two pieces of toilet paper, half it and wet a little then just place in firmly...

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I think one need to not to stuff her bras, if they wear right size. Wearing the right size of your bras has been consider one of the healthy tips for caring about your breast health. If still one want to stuff their bras then one can prefer for the light paper stuffing.

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I use tissue but wet it then put it on your boobs, then put your bra on and stop away excess it looks real!

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