How to store urine for a drug test?

I have thought about storing urine for a upcoming drug test because im going to smoke and im currently clean. I heard they test temperature of the urine but my parents drive ten miles to drop the sample off and just like water wouldnt the temperature go down by then? Details please and help soon? No dumbass respones and im going to smoke so dont gimme that just quit bs

Answer #1

Ok look dude your gonna get the urine the day before refrigerate it get up. Real early the next day stir it reall good put it in the microwave for 15 seconds then take the container put it under your balls untill your parents have to leave give it to them and it will be good from there pee has to be from 90-100 degrees body temp just follow the steps

Answer #2

They can test how old the urine is. So I wouldn’t even try it. If they come across the sample as being old they’ll just throw it out and fail you.

Answer #3

well yeah it would cool down by that far. But… a) your parents might suspect something when you hand them a cold cup of pee. b) I’m not good at science, but I bet the testers can tell how old the pee is x_x

Why exactly do you have to smoke?? Why can’t you just wait till the test is over?

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