How to stop a cheating boyfriend?

My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me over a month ago. I am so upset because we just had a baby. He has always told me he loves me and wants to be a family with my son and I. A week after he cheated he moved the baby and I to live with him in another state. I went home (out of state) to have the baby. 11 days after we had moved his best friend told me she had been sleeping with him. According to her he had been professing his love to her for months and even told her to pick out a ring. I had always been suspicious of this girl, but he assured me she was unattractive, crazy and that he would never consider being with her. He had also been telling her that we broke up. When she found out I moved in with him he told her we didn’t sleep in the same bed, that I was just here because he wanted to see his son.

Anyway, when I found out I left and went back home. After 2 days he convinced me to come back, saying that he loved me, etc…I came back and not one day later he was telling me that he did not know if he wanted to me with me. However, he did not want me to move back home because he knew he wouldn’t get to see his son. Then he left to run an errand and came home really late, he was crying and telling me his “friend” told him to go home to his family. We decided to work it out.

Since then this woman has been to our house without me being here overnight. He has spent the night at her house and didn’t even tell me he wasn’t coming home. He has constant work excuses, that he has to be there until 4am. He becomes angry when I ask him to be home for dinner. He says he can’t take much more of this. Then we fight, I threaten to leave and he behaves for a couple days.

I don’t know how to stop him from wanting this girl. She has been sending me e-mails telling me about their relationship. She told me there was nothing I could do about their friendship and that she was told we were broken up. I want to try to save this, but I don’t know how. I love this man a lot and want to be a family for my son. I am so angry and full of hate and distrust right now. I can’t even stand myself. What should I do?

Answer #1

You are allowing him to cheat everytime you take him back. The first time someone cheats on you, he/she has the most to lose because he/she doesn’t know what your reaction will be. But, once hes/shes weathered the initial storm, he/she knows precisely how you’ll react. By the time he/shess cheated on you twice, three times, thirty-eight times, he/she knows exactly what to expect. Lots of crying and screaming, followed by a few weeks or months of good behavior on his/her part. And then, hes/shes on to his next aerobics instructor/co-worker/mall vendor. Repeat. Even if you manage to get past the lies, the heartache, and the ten pounds you’ll put on with comfort food, a cloud will always hang over your relationship. You’ll never truly feel cherished, or completely loved. And you deserve better than that. Why torture yourself with feelings of self-doubt and insecurity? Move on, and find someone who gives you the love and respect you deserve. You have the power here. People will only treat you as poorly (or as well) as you allow them to. There’s no advice or magic wand to turn a cheater or abuser into a prince or princess. Consider them a lost cause and move on. Once you set your standards back where they belong, you’ll be able to meet and maintain a relationship with the kind of person you truly want to be with.

Answer #2

Girl you need to get your act together I understand what you are going though and leave before things get more bad.Only way your man can stop cheating is if he want to that the only way it would be hard at first but you’ll get over it

Answer #3

hes cheating on you because he’s not getting what he wants, if you really want to be with him, fucking listen to him and meet some of his needs, he’s obvoiusly meeting yours if your still wanting to be with him.

Answer #4

the best way to stop him from cheating is to just let it go…dont take him back so easy, find a new and better boyfriend and he’ll come back crawling, if not, you already have someone better.

Answer #5

You need to get your son away from this dog!

You cannot stop a cheating bf nor stop him from wanting someone else.

If he truly wanted to work at this and make a stable family home for his son then he would cut contact with this other girl and try it for real instead of playing constant games.

You will never be able to trust him again and he will not stop cheating! its in his nature.

You need to pack your things and leave and stop letting him convince you to come back!

Be strong and stand up for yourself, if he wants to see his son bad enough he will come and see him but he needs to experience you not being there.

Answer #6

I have a boyfriend and he cheats on me, there is no way to stop a guy from cheating on you. And don’t fucking listen to usernamebar. Becuse I can tell it’s a dude and they don’t cheat on you because you don’t meet his needs, it’s because if they cheat on you and you find out, and you do not break up with him then, they’ll keep on doing it! But I’m tired of getting hurt and I’m about to send him a goodbye letter (He’s in jail, and he thinks he can still control me and tell me what I can and cannot do!!). But I have a new baby that he is the father of, and if he won’t stop then he’s just not going to see us no more (He hasn’t seen his son because he went to jail 2 months before he was born!!). But dudes are dudes, nobody can stop them. They just gotta grow the fuck up!!

Answer #7

why are you with this b%tch get rite of him i also go pregnat 4rm my boy-friend and told me to go throw myself down the stairs cause he didnt want me any more well i didnt do that. i droppd him and picked up a guy who treats me way better then he had ever treated me in his if you think leaving him is the rite thing to do for you and your son then do what you think is best for you and your baby and just because you both have a baby together doesnt mean staying together is the rite thing to do.just do what you know is rite in your heart and you wouldnt be sorry for ever…pray to jesus youll get throw it..

Answer #8

Um its called grow up and realize that he doesn’t care about you and that why he is not seeing you. You just need to mov eon and make wiser decisions on who puts their c0ck in your hot box

Answer #9

Leave him he is not worth it. I understand your situation but you have to think about your son and yourself. He is a selfish man who seems very insecure. I know it is hard but you don’t want your son thinking that that is the kind of man a woman can be happy with. The is always someone who is willing to treat you better and respect you. Like it or not the truth is that your man does not respect you. If you can’t leave him for yourself, leave him for your son and show him how a dad, husband, and man in general is supposed to treat a woman by finding a man who does know how!

Answer #10

Well I’m kinda in this situation execpt the girl is way older & she horrible I don’t know what’s wrong with me?? We have a baby togeather & that makes it twice as hard to leave. But I’ve been through this one too many times try to be strong & leave !! Life goes on with or without him so its best if you move on because it seems like it doesn’t matter that you had his baby!

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