How to speed up my internet connection?

I am using internet connection, dial up. It gives only practically 20 kbps. I have heard of that in the internet there is a software program which can boost up my internet speed in many multiplication. Should I use those software to boost up my conncetion speed. Are those free to use or free to try pack active speed software package safe to use. Will they hack my computer? Any suggestions will be highly favored.

Answer #1

My experience, anything I did dial-up made little difference - I’m now broadband, but I learned 2 things in the switch - On dial-up: 1) even though I had programs who would self-update, in reality, they were never doing so because when they dialed ‘mother ship’ for the update, the attempt took so long that my computer thought the site was just busy and time out on trying - when in reality the site was not busy 2) I watched a video on dialup, the loading indicator indicated fully loaded - it wasn’t until I got high-speed, watching the same video, did I discover I had only viewed 1/3 of that same video - dialup had showed it fully loaded…go figure !…Take care !!

Answer #2

Try this

Plus there are many more programs to help do the same thing. They really don’t speed things up that much though. If I was you I would go ahead & spend the extra money to get a broadband service. Some come with really good deals & very affordable.

Answer #3

other than the suggestions you mentioned above, I also recommend dsl speed which can boost your internet connection somehow

Answer #4

What is your connection speed?I think you are using very slow connection.Try to contact the service provider and upgrade the plan.It will give good uploading and downloading speed.To check internet uploading and downloading speed visit the site

Don’t use internet software for increasing speed of your internet.It will not work properly.I have a experience in using the speed booster internet software.It did not increase my internet speed.You can use the following manual tips to increase internet speed.

To increase your internet speed

You can use latest version of Firefox,or Google chrome or Opera browser.These are good browsers. Reset your modem and router or unplug them and replug it or switch off the modem and switch on it again daily twice. Try to avoid many downloads simultaneously. While watching videos online like Metacafe or you tube you can wait until the video buffers and then watch it.Avoid downloading while watching videos. You internet security software it helps to protect the PC or laptop from internet threats .If these will affect your PC or Laptop ,the system speed will get reduce.So browsers get crashes again and again,you cannot browse fast. You can use necessary addons only in Firefox. Clear cookies and browsing history in browsers daily. Follow these steps it will helps to increase your dial up or any internet connection speed. But your internet plan also need to be good.If you are using very slow speed connection,you can contact your ISP and upgrade your plan.Even after followed these steps your internet speed slow means you can contact your ISP and inform the problem.They will fix this.To check internet uploading and downloading speed i would suggest the site here you can check speed in Mbps and MBps.

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