How to sneak weed on an airplane?

How to sneak weed on an airplane?

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Answer #2

its partially impossible,so blindedwithin is rite…dumb!

Answer #3

Lol are u stupid?

Answer #4

Wrap it in a baggy as tight as you can, tape it with regular scotch tape to keep it tight, and then insert it into a bottle of suntan lotion or hand lotion. They will never see it. Then just take it out when you get to your location and you are ready to burn one!

Answer #5

this works on domestics flights always. buy a cup, that’s right a cup you wear in sports, but buy one that has the underwear that holds the cup, get the full briefs one. long leg like boxer briefs, take the weed and rap it in plastic wrap tightly and then wrap some fabric softeners around it tightly and stick it in the pocket in front of your crotch where the cup goes, but remember TAKE THE CUP OUT. lol. then just where those under your pants and they can’t feel it or detect it without a drug dog sniffing your nuts, and well I’ve never had or even seen a drug dog sniff anyone at all in my life at the airport through out the US

Answer #6

Wrap it in a condom and insert it in your anus.

Answer #7

Now that there are these x-ray machines how would you take about 1/2 ounce from US to Mexico???

Answer #8

for the ladies – wrapped in plastic wrap inside an empty tampon inserter!

Answer #9

Man, I have flown plenty of times just keep in in your pocket , it’s not hard to get rid of the smell,if its more mail it

Answer #10

just put it in a bag burn the bag so it is air tight then tape it to the back of your zipper make sure its your zipper because they wont think anything of it.

           :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
                trust me it works
Answer #11

hey what if it’s an internaitonal flight?

Answer #12

It isn’t worth trying it, if you do get caught you will be facing some serious charges.

I’m sure that you’ll be able to pick up some cannabis wherever you are going.

If you do try it though, just remember to stay calm and don’t even think about having anything on you, just act like you normally would.

Answer #13

carefully empty a chapstick and or lipstick .pack your bud in syran wrap and pack the tube.use a quarter inch of chapstick and reinsert into the tube.throw it in your checked luggage along with your toothpaste/hygene products…works everytime


take a cheap pen and remouve the ink from inside.roll a tight joint and slide it inside the pen tube.seal with the ball of the pen…done deal

Answer #14

niggah just cut a hole in the drawstring area of basketball shorts and put it in airtight bag. and just wear the shorts under a pair of jeans and spray yourself with axe. P.S. douse the weed bag with Germ-X or sometype of antibacterial spray,gel

Answer #15

you all are f_cking idiots. first off weed is amazing. Yes if you have not had it you say its dumb and stupid and offer your reasons why.. shut the F_uck up its sweet, sometimes even fruity.. anyway plane thing. put it in a bag SMALL BAG like 2 or 3 grams. put in in your sock. and have a BACKPACK by your side while you wait to get scanned. if in an unlikely event a DOG comes to sniff they will search your bag not your sock. this is not INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS. keep it simple your not a drug dealer your a stoner! ps they are looking for bombs not weed especialy not that small of an amount. walk tall stay straight and dont itch your balls.

Answer #16

I wouldn’t try that it could get you in a lot of trouble.

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