How to pierce my labret by myself?

Hello. Was thinking to get labret piercing by myself.As I do not have much money to go to professional.Many of my friends pierce by themselves.But I dont want my friend to help me pierce because they’ll backstab me etc..

Answer #1

freeze it wth an ice cube and stab a needle threw it . trust me it doesnt hurt as bad as it sound…but its hard to get threw the skin

Answer #2

ummm put an ice cube on the place you want to peirce and then get a rellly sharp earring and ummm like put it thrue

srry if that didnt help much1!!!

Answer #3

Alright do it professionally because you are basically putting a needle in your mouth and you won’t know how to sanitize it right trust me from personal experience that it will get infected and it looks really gross when its infected

Answer #4

That’s a piercing that is especially prone to infection, so you should definitely go the professional route.

xox Sika

Answer #5

how do you sterilise the labret bar? because I’ve home peirced my lip before freehand and did it wrong, and kept the jewelery and bought a new needle AND clamps

tyvm xx

Answer #6

ok this is what you do I am a professional piercer. Buy piercing needlem, 14g labret and clamp online. Very cheap will get all this equipment for roughly $16.50.

ok when the equipment arrives, go into your bathroom clean the surface around where are going to pierce with antibacterial soap; then using a fine point marker pen place a dot where you want the piercing to go.

Put the clamps on the area, press firmly then push needle through your lip, then slide needle out and put in labret.

Quite a simple and safe piercing. Just rember don’t touch it, and rinse mouth with salt water.

Answer #7

You need a lighter, rubbing alcohol, a SMALL flashlight, a safety pin, and a earring, a razor blade, and a 14 gauge lip ring.

Put the flashlight inside your mouth, and turn it on, pressing the light against your lip, facing out, and stretching the skin. You should be able to see the outline of larger blood veins. remember where they are and AVOID them. Unless, of course, you want to spray blood all over whichever room you’re in, and seriously scar your face. Sterilize the razor blade with the lighter, holding it in the flame for at least ten seconds, then pour rubbing alcohol over it. Sterilize the intended area with rubbing alcohol. make a SMALL cut with the razor blade, going through the thicker outer skin of your face. Sterilize safety pin. Place the tip of the safety pin in the razor blade hole, and work it through. The gummy muscley substance inside your mouth is hardest to get through, I do not recommend shoving through quickly. Once the safety pin is inside your mouth, jiggle it around, stretch the hole. Then slowly pull out the pin, putting in the earring at the same time. Keep the earring in for at least a night, and move it around a lot to stretch the hole. Put in the 14 gauge the next day. Touch it as little as possible, take the ring out only to clean it. Gargle twice a day with Listerine or salt water. Good luck.

Answer #8

Only do what aaro says if you’re a complete idiot like her.

Answer #9

I used alcohol,light,needle first I bought a needle that was packaged and left it in alcohol than burned it and ran it under water…than brushed my teeth gargled with listerine and pushed the needle threw my lip slowly but hard going fast will only hurt…avoid the dark blood vessels and buy some sea salt and gargle with that everytime you eat and before and after sleeping and but a long labret ring so you can clean it with would also be wise to not touch it much unless your hands are clean…im not a profesional peircer but I’ve repeirced my labret like 5 times and peirced my nose and eyebrow by myself to…you just gotta no what your doing…

Answer #10

I did it myself three times and my friends have done it to and its never gotten infected.just keep it clean.

Answer #11

well I pierced mine myself and what I did was cleaned a needle with dettol then burned it with a lighter. then drew where I wanted the sprecing (inside and out)then just done it llol x

Answer #12

Listen: as simple an answer as can be: if you ARE going to do it yourself, do it RIGHT. And if you’re going to do it RIGHT, you’re going to need to spend a little money. Nothing but an ethly-oxylene sterilized needle should be going through your skin; taking a sewing needle and burning it with a lighter or boiling it is just not safe; that cannot kill 100% of pathogens. You need a REAL, tri-beveled, hollow, e.o. gas sterilized piercing needle. Recommended 14 gauge. Buy one online; they’re $1.50 each, surely you can afford that? Buy your jewelry online as well, preferably from the same people that you buy the needle from because then it’s guaranteed clean. If you’re not going to spring for some clamps too, then you’re going to need to be extra careful. Wear gloves. Mark the outside AND the inside of your lip. Be sure to leave room for swelling; buy a ring larger than you think you need. Place the needle tip, double check the positioning, and push. Hard. Not FAST, but hard. Once the needle is through, continue pulling it through your lip until just a little bit of the needle’s back end is exposed. Insert the jewelry into the hollow back end and slowly push it through; this will push the needle out and the jewelry in. The rest is self explanatory. Just keep it clean, use antibacterial soap, avoid hot, spicy foods, don’t kiss anyone, don’t perform cunnilingus or fellatio, don’t get ANYONE’S bodily fluids near it, including blood, saliva, vaginal secretions and semen. Just, don’t be f@&$ing stupid, try to use some f@&$ing common sense. Oh, and on a lighter note: learn to put a space after every period in your sentences, so people take you seriously. Because I f@&$ing don’t.

Brian Body Piercer Ft. Lauderdale

Answer #13

I am with tunkenstein! If you use a safety pin you run the risk of breaking off pieces of the sivler coating. You think your ugly now wait until your lip is festering with infection. Use the proper tools. I pierce all my own body parts and never had a problem but then I also was taught by a pro. DO NOT use a lighter to clean anything. Carbon is not good to be in you body and that is that black stuff you see after you burn something. The needles you can get, say from monster metal are pre-sterile and for the price you best throw them away after ONE use. Only crack heads re-use needles right? Good luck with this I wish you all the best but don’t listen to idiots like aaro!

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