How to make perfect rice in a rice cooker?

Just got a new rice cooker to try out. I have never experimented with cooking rice this way and was hoping to get some input as how to make perfect rice each time, with some recipe ideas as well.

Answer #1

The trick to using a rice cooker is to rince the rice before cooking then use the correct ratio of water to rice.

With my rice cooker I’ve found that for one cup of white rice I should use 1.5 cups of water. For brown rice I use 2 cups of water. For wild rice I use 4 cups of water per 1 cup rice.

For me white rice always comes out perfect. Brown rice can come out sticky from rice cookers. While a quick rince is sufficient for white rice brown rice needs to be rinced more thouroughly or even soaked a while before cooking. Brown basmati rice comes out sticky no mater how long I rince it but it still tastes pretty good.

The great thing about rice cookers is once you have the right amount of rice and water in them they are automatic, nothing ot time or watch. When the rice is done it will stop cooking and the rice cooker will keep the rice warm until everything else is ready.

Funny rice cooker story: I had a friend from Hong Kong who had 2 Chineese roomates. Every time I vised him I noticed 3 rice cookers on their counter. One day I saw 4 rice cookers and asked him if he had a new roomate. He answered, yes, but how did you know?

Answer #2

1 cup rice 2 cups water

First, put your rice in the pot and run some water over it and stir it around to get all of the dusty stuff off of the rice. Then, dump that water out and add your 2 cups of water and salt, butter, and desired seasoning (if any) and turn the rice cooker on “cook”. Stir it around occasionaly otherwise, the rice will stick to the bottom.

My husband and I will some times cook some beef tips, shrimp, chicken, or any other kind of meat on the stove while the rice is cooking, with our desired seasonings on them, then, when the rice is almost done cooking, we add our meat to it to let some of that flavor transfer to the rice. When the button pops up to “warm”, your meal is ready! Enjoy!

Answer #3

noo its 1 cup of rice and 1 1/2 cups of water always add a half cup 2 it like 4 cups of rice and 4 1/2 cups of water and add soy souce after or while cooking add chicken flavoring to it… I have rice every day in a rice cooker :)

Answer #4

1 cup of rice 2 cups of water

put the water and rice in a rice cooker and put in microwave for ten ms then when done leave it to sit in the microwave for another 10 ms when down drown rice with a sive

Answer #5 best recipe ideas I get all from and’m not sure if that’s what it’s called) it alll depends on what type of rice you are going to use in your rice cooker. If it’s ot minute rice, you are going to need to soak the rice for a couple of hours so that it takes less time to cook in the cooker. if it’s minute rice, which I suggest most, since most people don’t have all day to be cooking rice. Just follow the directions on the box. Except when it says put in a pot, put it in your easy cooker. I hope it helps.

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