How to make a homemade fake vagina?

I need to know how to make a homemade p*ssy or anal and to make reallistic cum???

Answer #1

This made me lol pretty bad!

Answer #2

this is funny LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL my suggestion = go get ya some vaseline and have a little fun every now and then with a hooker or something if you are that desperate!!!

Answer #3

by fake vagina you mean one for a display, I would use Bollistics gel and a Mold, if that doesnt work, you could try jello food color and Cream to make the flesh look right a food mold to get the shape and for Come I would try using constarch mixed with water, it even drys like it…

If you are wanting a fake one to use on yourself, I saw a show on TV once it was an advice talkshow where they had this sort of question on there, and they suggested to try taking a toilet paper roll, and cotton balls, and a pair of ladies Knee highs … you take the knee highs insert the toe end inside the foll. then fill the roll with padding the more the better, in the mean time you are still holding the open part around he roll as not to allow your stuffing to fall out… then you should lube up and get going, you can do this with any stretchy fabric that you think feels the best though, you dont have to use Knee highs

Answer #4

I honestly don’t understand why people are so shocked too I mean, if you want to have fun go at it I don’t know how, maybe save up some money and go to a sex shop people on here need to grow up and act mature

Answer #5

wow you have problems, why woul you want that!? if your a dudee get a girlfriend man and if your a chick get a boyfriend because that is just freakin weird!

Answer #6

wow man… are you jokeing?

Answer #7

Dear all readers and users,

I find it amazing that those of you saying “Get a life” etc actually find time in your own busy hectic lives to stop at this site and post your own reply. That also begs the question: What the hell did you put into google to find this in the first place anyway? Stop wasting everyone’s time with your useless replies of disgust and let those people with USEFUL informative answers keep the spotlight mkay?

As for the vagina; I once heard that a vagina is something like ‘warm apple pie’… It even has a movie based around it :P

Answer #8

homie dont trip the good doctor jacko is in : well it looks like you need some one to help you learn the basics of life in general boy meets girls boy lies to girl boy takes girls clothes off then boy sticks his thang thang into her thang thang and walla youll no longer need to make one but if you still find this real hard to do then tell you what ,some men like to think of the vagina as easy to describe if you indeed want to make a homade vagina youll need something warm something wett slippy if you will and you might want to make it with a hard base dont want to squish anything you know what I mean if you follow these precaution youll be able to imitate the female genitilia in no time I cant tell you from expirience with what to make it from burt the idea is there try:a heated watermelon ,grapefruit although youll probally have to use a jimmy for that oh you can hump a couch as my friend once did and got caught by his dad and after paid twenty for a hooker you can go that route also if you can go to an adult warehouse they have plenty of face genetilia if you can get in well good luck dr.jacko

Answer #9

ok for all the people that are like your a freak 1.what if you not old enough to have sex gray886 said girls have fake dicks so why cant guys have fake vagina

3.I don’t know how to make a fake vagina but for jerkin it go to

Answer #10

There’s actual tons of ways tot make home made sex toys for men and women…nothing new here, sex toys existed before electricity! So, many people might find it strange but actually it’s quite normal, especially since a lot of people masturbate. The sex industry is one of the biggest money makers despite the taboos that people have towards sex. So, I won’t get in too all the details of sex toys but one simple object for men would be take a sock, stick a surgical glove into it, add some lubricant.

The site purposed by jackknife is good but he incorrectly wrote it, here’s the real thing: You can also find an interview with the founder of the site at this adress:

Answer #11

oh wow I love how he answers his own question calling him self a dumbas$ like we wont notice its his retarded as$ who asked the question…IDIOT!!!

Answer #12

your mr.pscycho..

Answer #13

lol… loser

Answer #14

lube up your hand and go at it.

Answer #15

take a towel and fold it 2 or 3 times longways (depending on size). put a latex rubber glove on the end with the hole extending outwards. roll the towel over the glove. once the towel is completely rolled, stretch the glove hole over the towel. get some lotion and go to work!

Answer #16

go to costco and buy the family size Vasaline,…when night come …grab a hand full,,,and start jerking away,,,LOLOLOL


collect like 25-30bucks,,,have an older guy go to a private adult store and buy you those fake pussies,,DONT buy the ones that look like pussies buy the ones that feel like pussies…they are cheaper

Answer #17

if I were you I would go to a sx store and invest in getting a fake pusy and as thing they have most out there seem really real, as for the fake cm your own your own with that one

Answer #18

Paper Maché is rather good for this sort of stuff. You can shape it however you want, wait for it to dry and then paint it. You could also add extra PVA glue for the spunk. Good luck.

Answer #19

step 1 get a bowl cut a smooth hole in it glue a condon on the hole one that is 2 sizes bigger than your pinus put cold whip cream in there the put one in that’s one size bigger put a lil bit of chopped jello in it then put s condom on and ride donkey ride

step 2 you can get a wh3er melon or just a mellon cut a hole in it put on a con dom and ride

or step 3 get a tube sock with lube in it and slide it up and down faster and faster and faster

ps I don’t think your loco I’m a girl I use didlos all the time

Answer #20

1st off I feel really sorry 4 anybody who’s had dinner @ Deadshot’s house. 2nd why is everybody gettin so bent outta shape about this is probably just a joke & if hes serious then hes just a lonely sick indiviual but we all know they’re out there and he knows hes one of them. I applaud those of you who took it as a joke even if it wasnt meant 2 be 1 because its still funny, as 4 everybody else lighten the hell up.

& The people who replied with way 2 make 1 lmao those were funnier than the question

Answer #21

ummm, this is probably the most random question ever.

I think that unless you are really talented with silicon glue and a mould that has been unstickyfied with vasiline, you are best to go professional and buy one.

As for the jizz, at work we make this cool stuff with cornflour for messy play (which I will never look at the same way again btw). mix a little cornflour with cold water until it makes a smooth consistency that runs when not under pressure, but starts to go hard when you scrape it. Pour in boiling water a little at a time and it should fluff up to a jelly like consistency. add more until it is a little on the sloppy side and wait for it to cool.

Hope this is what you need (?)


Answer #22

I am shocked at how many people re freaking out about this question. This guy wants to ‘have fun’. Maybe he’’s sick of his hand? I don’t know, but everyone that left a comment such as “OMG WHY!?!?!??! YOU’RE SICK!!! GET A HOOKER!!!” you are being extremley immature. I cannot answer the quesion besides watching american pie maybe :P I just wanted to comment on peoples’ behavior.


Answer #23

you could get a emty tolite paper holder,but a condom down in it…tape the outside so you dont slip you might get cardboard burn lol…anyways then get like ky or something ! and then go at it! but if you are bigger than that…use a paper towel holder..if it is fat do the same thing with a bigger thing…I dont know whats bigger but im sure you could find something!im serious!

Answer #24

stick with the hand!

Answer #25

Put a watermelon in the oven, then poke a hole in it…

Ask Jim Carrey for further instructions.

Answer #26


Answer #27

if u’re old enough get a wife for yourself,then your problem may be solved.

Answer #28…didnt know people actually sit and think about thais

Answer #29

heat up a bagel in the microwave

=]] hehe

Answer #30

:| bettya hes some sort of internet geek.. Who sits all day on his compiter wanking off too anythink that moves XD =]

Answer #33

wow you must b desperate and pathetic

Answer #34

Oh god I laughed for like 5 mins about this title~!! haha

Answer #35

some wallpaper paste would be perfect for the semen, for the other stuff you’ll need to search some special effects sites.

Answer #36

I herd fill 4 ballons with water, tie a pillow around then so there in the middle and add you own lubricant works very well

Answer #37

a sock full of mashed potatoes… I saw it on drawn together. SICK SHOW

Answer #38

please please please tell me your kidding ewwers that is just so wrong

Answer #39

lol… hand is already enough yo!

Answer #40

great just before breakfast eeww

Answer #41

Bannana peel

Answer #42

oh you poor thing.=( and youre a grown man! Just use mine.=D lmao

Answer #43

Take a pet bottle with mouth of your erected penis , lubricate it properly with ky jelly. insert your penis and fantasis like vagina

Answer #44

you know what I think I have a idea ask the guy on american pie!!!

Answer #45

come ova ta decatur ga and look 4 dis girl named quila…because she will let ya fukk on da first nite

Answer #46

I hope the guy talking about using raw chicken parts was joking.

Answer #47

why would you want a fake 1 is that not a bit sad and freaky

Answer #48

Oh okay?…lmao!!!…hehehehehehehehhehehe…What the f*ck!!!…

Answer #49


Answer #50

LMFAOOO just pay somebody. bahahaaa

Answer #51

my god man you r so stupid just man up like every one esle said and go to school and ask a girl you like out.

Answer #52

umm ohh wow why do you want to make a fake one becauese you cant get a real one???

Answer #53

buy a fleshlight

Answer #54

lol!!! no comment

Answer #55

Try a banana skin.

Answer #56

here’s some wet pusssy for you

Answer #57

the only way this site would have shown up is if you were searching for it in google, yahoo!, etc. or if you saw the link and clicked on it yourself…

im pretty 95% of the people who were Fing holes and gave this kid S*it were interested in a fake vagina themselves.

Answer #58

try this site

Answer #59 i dont own this video

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